I have wyrms

fairytail dragon 2

Well, wyrm, anyway.

I might come back and give him some scaly detail, but I’ve decided agains having him breathe blue fire as it could all too easily look as though he was simply vomiting down my back, and if I wanted someone to puke over my shoulder I would have had kids.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 28, 2013.

15 Responses to “I have wyrms”

  1. He’s looking very fine indeed – a very dramatic fellow with his brocade wings!

  2. Oh yeah – I totally agree!

  3. He has a wonderfully dragonish air of superiority, too.

  4. He is fantastic! Probably best not to have blue puke on your shoulder, but I bet you’d make it look great. (The fire, not the puke on the shoulder.)

  5. nice colors, kimono dragon meets vermithrax pejorative

  6. He is such a lovely dragon. The shape is lovely, as is the unusual colour. ^_^

  7. That is very good!

    • thanks – I did a dragon cushio a couple of years ago as a present (different dragon) and I keep meaning to make a picklepatch kit from it, I should get round to that

  8. […] I picked up the fairytale coat. Dragon is done, and I’ve decided not to add scales. Time to finish the landscape beneath […]

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