Christmas tree

I’m fairly certain my mum doesn’t watch this blog due to the fact that she thinks her computer is evil and stupid, so here, to celebrate the 1st of December, is  a brooch I’ve made mum for her christmas coat, it’s chunky enough to be able to fasten it.

I don’t think I mentioned at the time, but mum wore her coat on boxing day to a thing in Hartlepool, and it ended up on a bbc4 documentary about folk singing

xmas tree

It’s quite big, about three inches tall (excuse me whilst I play fetch with my idiot cat), silver with amber, ameythyst, garnet, carnelian and moss agate. My favourite bit is the pin…

xmas star

because it’s like a teeny weeny fairy wand. I could clean up that hammered edge, but I sort of like the primitive roughness of it, so I’ve decided to leave it like it is.

We went to the christmas markets yesterday, the one in Harrogate was great, but the York one was absolutely pants, next year we’ll just go to Harrogate. And this morning we started on advent calendars, this year I have pony farm – it’s getting quite hard to find a playmobil calendar for me cos they keep re-issuing the old ones due to some deluded assumption that they’re for kids, and the new ones are all wierd. I didn’t much fancy the museum robbery advent calendar, it was too much of a boys one, so I have pony farm.

I did get a pony this morning though, so not all bad

~ by opusanglicanum on December 1, 2013.

14 Responses to “Christmas tree”

  1. Is it a fairy wand or a wibbly, wonderful fairy sword? Cause it reminds me ever so slightly of those silly 15th Century (?) German wibbly-edged swords…

  2. It’s delightful!

  3. What a lovely piece! Your mum will be delighted!

  4. Suitably splendid for her wonderful coat. (That glowing top picture would make a fine Christmas card too, with a bit of cropping and straightening.)

  5. What a lovely thing.

  6. That is very nice. And the wand/ pin is a very cunning idea indeed!

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