Sorry folks, no exciting updates this week. I’ve been an unexciting combination of full of cold and making christmas presents that I can’t show on the interwebs just yet in case they’re seen.

Instead, here is a shiny christmas decoration


the sewing machine seemed the most appropriate(as opposed to my porniments, which are highly inappropriate). The only reason I’ve been putting them up this early is because of the big family dinner next weekend. If you are very good children, when I’ve cleaned the detritus off the dining table – and it really it detritus cos Gareth has been doing large scale woodwork in the unrestored bedroom above and pints of oak sawdust have filtered through the light fittings – I shall take some pictures of my extensive collection of glass baubles for you this weekend. Would you like that?

~ by opusanglicanum on December 10, 2013.

8 Responses to “Bleargh…”

  1. Highly intrigued by your porniments 😉

    • gareth imported them for me. one is santa getting a blow job, and the other is santa and mrs s shagging. unfortunately they’ve stopped making them – I really wanted the two gay gingerbread men this year, but i’m out of luck

      • *giggles* I want the two gay gingerbread men too!! But Big J would tell me “it’s just wrong” and I wouldn’t be allowed to have them on the tree!

      • I have to take them down whenever children visit, although cyrus two doors down insists that now he’s 12 he’s old enough to see them

  2. I shudder at the thought of sawdust filtering through the light fittings!

  3. Hi Tanya
    Sorry we can’t be with you for your family meal, but as you know we are in Tenerife battening down the hatches for a big storm.
    Give our regards to all on the day.

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