Christmas project 2013 day 5


A very small centaur from one of the column capitals of  Adel church. He looks quite impressionistic because of his minute size.

I think I’m making slow progress on this because I keep finding myself uncertain about the framework. My original intent was to use diamonds of gold twist with pearls between, with fronds, a la green man, emerging from the motifs within to link the elements together. This is a repeat element taken from a manuscript border that I’ve used for previous embroidered collars


But the more I get a feel for this the more I think the fronds would be somewhat messy, and that I’d be better off using some sort of trifoliate element between the diamonds – again a common enough decorative element of the time. Somehing like this…image

Any thought?opinions?

btw, sorry about recent formatting problems, I’m still getting used to posting from a new thingummy

~ by opusanglicanum on December 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Christmas project 2013 day 5”

  1. Rather like your trifolate elements, I must say!
    And the centaur is very sweet..

    • I think he’s a little lumpy, but then so was the sculpted one. On reflection I maybe should have used a finer thread(this is the same thickness I used for last years piece, but elements are quite little) but I don’t want to swap now cos it would odd, and experience has taught me that it’s actually more difficult and time consuming to unpick split stitch than it is to do it in the first place

      I think the trifoliate bits might be the way to go in the end-although obviously the stitched versions need to be neater than my scrappy drawings

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