Christmas project 2013 day 6

I’m having real trouble taking decent pictures of this thing, i’ll try to get something better taken tomorrow.


I promise that tomorrow I will work how to download pics from my new phone onto my iPad, cos my conclusion is that the iPad camera  is a little bit pants really.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “Christmas project 2013 day 6”

  1. I’ve found my phone camera is better than the one on my tablet, but then, the tablet is older, and the technology seems to leap forward every six months or so. There must be some really clever people out there…

    • We assumed the tablet camera would be better than the phone, but I don’t know why as apple never have the best cameras. My shiny new ipad has only a 1 mob camera, as opposed to the 8 mob one on my sony erikson – and when I replaced the phone I lost a few weeks ago I didn’t even get the most up to date model- Gareth got phone envy and had to go out and upgrade his phone a week after, paying £10 a month more to get the spanking new one with a 13mb camera. It’s more the faff about having to send a pic from phone to pad that’s irritating me- it was soooooo easy to post a pic to blog all in one device

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