Trying again


phone pic is a little better.

I’m having real problems getting decent pics of this. Am also having real trouble marking out designs, I’ve spent over a tanner on various fabric markers, none of which have shown any semblance of working at all- on any fabric, not just this particular silk. The one fabric marker I used to rely on seems not to exist any longer, and everything else is either temporary or useless. I even tried those laundry markers but the one I bought failed to work at all.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 29, 2013.

6 Responses to “Trying again”

  1. Have you tried a sharpened piece of soap?

  2. I like the fine sizes of black Mitsibushi UNI PIN waterproof pigment pens (0.2 is the one I usually use on fabric). They don’t run on linen or cotton once dry. I haven’t tried them on silk, so I can’t guarantee they’d work on it. These Pins are my go-to pens for drawing, writing and everything so I was nicely surprised by how good they are on fabric. (There are some others similar, such as Pilot DR pens.) Of course, you need to cover the lines with stitching because they won’t wash out. (The pens do cost slightly more than a tanner, though – It’s a long time since you could get even a biro from Woolworths for a tanner!)

    • I think that’s what I had been using before, but I’m superb at loosing pens. What’s really annoying me is that none of the pens actually marketed as being specifically for fabric are actually even vaguely fit for purpose, I feel as if I’ve been robbed and that I ought to be able to get my money back under the trades descriptions act.

      And, erm, yes, I really need to pay more attention to the pesky auto correct on this thing

  3. Much better, indeed. Have you tried using a quilter’s pencil? Sewline do one, with a whole range of different colours of lead. It washes out of cotton, but I’m not sure about silk. You just have to make the line fine enough not to show, I think!

    • I think one I has was a quilters pencil, but it didn’t work too well for me as I tend it dislike pencils – even doing my art o and a levels I refused to use pencils and did pen and ink instead . I still don’t draw we’ll with a pencil

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