Christmas project 2013 day 6



Finally lay we get to the baby eating cannibals!

am definitely going to finish this, but I’m not completely happy with it. It was going to go on a posh silk brocade dress, but it may end up on a simpler wool frock of the same period, and I’ll end up doing another collar embroidery for the silk.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 30, 2013.

13 Responses to “Christmas project 2013 day 6”

  1. It looks like fun, even if you aren’t entirely happy with it. It’s hard for us to compare what we see with what you intended, because we didn’t have the original vision. You might find you’re suffering from my complaint – the sag mid-project when I’m convinced it won’t work, no matter what I do!

    • I think ive been a bit iffy with this from day one, to be honest. I like it, but it’s not what I intended. Am now thinking that perhaps instead of using gold and pearls for the framework I might do the whole thing in silks and put it on a far simpler dress. I ink what I want for the silk brocade is embroidery done with one strand of silk rather than the more usual two like is one, it looks too chunky

      • That sounds like a good way to make use of the piece, and perhaps having done this version, you will find the next will come together nicely!

      • I think it’s partly that I used the wrong weight thread, partly that I didn’t plan it out from the start so I have to keep stopping and thinking( and I hate thinking) and largely because I’ve had so much trouble markingthis fabric that I’ve just lacked impetus. I will plan the second collar better, but I’m starting to enjoy this one mare as I go along

      • I enjoy the thinking, but I must admit there are times when one just wants to stitch, and having trouble with marking the layout would be just the sort of thing that would discourage me too..

      • I’ve been infuriated by the number of specialist fabric markers I’ve bought recently that simply don’t work. I suppose I’m lucky that I am capable of working these things freehand, but with more complex things like faces it’s a slow business that you have to actually think about, and thinking is not ally what you want to be up to over Christmas

      • Certainly, needlework after a glass of wine or a big dinner doesn’t usually go well!

      • I’m ok if it’s nothing to complicated, but then I rarely have more than a glass

      • I married a teetotaller, and since drinking alone is no fun, I’m so much out of practice that I wouldn’t even try to embroider after a glass of wine!

      • I’m the wierdo who doesn’t get drunk in a family of monumentally heavy drinkers

      • There’s more than one way of being a little rebel!

  2. Okay, what *are* those baby-eating cannibals supposed to be?

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