Some Christmas silver

Things I made for Christmas presents. I’ve never made stud earrings before though, and since I don’t have pierced ears I had no clue how the posts were meant to work, so I decided it was safest to buy the posts as a ready made component that could simply be soldered into place. The Christmas trees were the simplest…


Although I must admit I didn’t do too well at getting the sizes exactly the same,  but the theyll be worn in opposing ears, so… It was actually easiest to do the “tinsel” first,  engraving it with a simple burr on the pendant drill before cutting the shape, thus avoiding the problem of the burr catching the edges.

i do, however, have to replace my stepmum’s Christmas tree earring with a brooch. I rang my dad weeks before christmas and asked him if Janet wore earrings. He said she did. Turns out Janet doesnt even have pierced ears. But don’t worry, my aunty margy has already kicked him up the arse on my behalf.


The westies were a bit of an experimental technique, which I think worked well for a first attempt. Normally one would texture sheet metal by putting it through a rolling mill with fabric, lace, leaves, etc, but I don’t have a rolling mill- they’re expensive, take up a lot of space, and I wouldn’t normally use one. Instead I placed soft silver face down on a flat steel stake with a scrap of rough linen fabric between, and then gently tapped it all over with a flat faced planishing hammer.


The he sheep felt like quite familiar ground, since this type of wirework is something I use a lot for Viking and medieval jewellery.

and someone wanted everyone to be reminded of just how devastatingly handsome he is


and I just had a proper hot chocolate, made from100% cocoa chocolate. And very satisfying it was too, especially after the sickly sweet Cadbury crap in a cup I was served in a cafe a few weeks ago. I have therefore decided that if I ever do end up running the tea shop everyone always seems think it’s my destiny to run(which would be even better than Betty’s, trust me) I shall put two hot chocolates on the menu- hot chocolate for grown ups, and hot chocolate for wussies(cadburys)


~ by opusanglicanum on December 30, 2013.

4 Responses to “Some Christmas silver”

  1. The westies did work rather well, especially for an experimental technique!
    You talented girl, I do hope the recipients were impressed!

  2. I love those Westies, of course.

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