Christmas project 2014

I’m feeling a lot happier with this now I’ve started putting the framework in place. I’ve always liked that early medieval thing of doing an alternating colour in a band, although in this particular photo you can’t really see that the pearl blue alternates with teal, I still think it sort of works as a poor woman’s pearl and gold. I’m spending four hours on a train tomorrow, so with any luck I might even make a start on the trifoliate elements in between.


And on another note I’ve been meaning to post pictures of some(but not nearly all) of my Christmas decorations for the last few weeks. It all started when I was a poor student, when I would visit the Christmas decorations every lunchtime, and eke out my measly £20 a week food budget so that I’d have enough left at the end of the week to buy one pretty shiny thing. I am noT a christmas minimalist.

this one is mixture of my grandmothers glass decs, old ones I’ve collected, pavlovskia porcelain ones (which some of the most exquisitley painted things ive ever seen)  and the set I bought at the British museum this summer-because how could I live without a tiny glass BM!








~ by opusanglicanum on January 2, 2014.

14 Responses to “Christmas project 2014”

  1. Ummm … I’m not seeing any pictures.

  2. I see the pictures. I also see a K9 in there as well. Very cool.

  3. I always think that “minimal Christmas decorations” are rather missing the main idea, and the more varied and the more of a story there is, the better!

    • I don’t think tasteful or minimalist have much of a place over Christmas at all- eat too much , drink too much ( ok, so I generally fail at that ) laugh too much and love too much. Everything should be done too excess

      • “Minimal” always sounds as though they’re trying to decorate without decorating, in which case, save some work and don’t decorate at all…

        We don’t eat or drink to excess, not being keen on it, but we do eat long and festively!

      • I’m usually the one who wants a spot of cheese Christmas evening because I don’t like feeling too full so I rarely have seconds. I can sometimes be tempted by an extra Yorkshire pudding though

  4. I’m impressed by the dalek collection.

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