Christmas project 2013,I’ve officially forgotten what day it is. Hang on, what was my name again…?


I didn’t  get a great deal done with this on the train yesterday, since it was unusually rattley on the east coast line, but I did get the bit of border coloured in and a bit of foliage done. There’s no way this will be finished by the time I go back to work next week so it will have to be relegated to weekend project. I seem to have had a lot less sewing time this Christmas- we hardly watched any films.

the trip to London yesterday was fun. I went to cheapside hoard exhibition in the morning. The exhibition itself was very good, and I’d recommend it, but there is something about the museum of London that seems determined to be a bit second rate. I tried to book a ticket in advance, which took two of us half an hour on the computer and ended in failure, but I got a ticket with no problems when I got there. Then I had to come back out and buy a notepad because they weren’t allowing photos, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they’d produced a proper grown up exhibition catalogue with each item correctly measured and annotated, but they haven’t. Oh, there’s a very glossy book with lots of pictures, but it isn’t a comprehensive catalogue. Real growd up museums, even provincial ones, give you real growd up exhibition catalogues that you don’t mind paying forty or fifty quid for, but the museum of London gives you a shiny incomplete thing for twenty quid instead.

then I walked, somewhat grumpily due to my disappointment with the catalogue situation, then somewhat less grumpily after a cute bloke flirted with me, to the BM. We’ll, Coptic street opposite the BM, where I stopped at the Greek restaurant for lunch (there should be more Greek restaurants because they always have decent choice of menu items that aren’t glutened). I tend to walk pretty much everywhere in London, places are closer together than you think, and the tube smells funny and has an unusually high concentration of wierdoes, plus walking is often just as quick once you’ve waited about. lMind you, I walked about eight miles on pavement yesterday and my feet are a bit grumpy about it now. Plus, there’s a lot of interesting architecture if you look up, my feet are philistines with no appreciation for architecture.

I spent over an hour in the BMfriends room. It was worth joining just get access to the library in there. They’ve got a facsimile copy of the Lutrell psalter. I would love one, but we looked it on the net and it would be about three times the price of my van. Ok, so I drive a second hand Royal Mail van, but still…Gareth says we can buy one when we win the lottery. Must get round to doing that this year. Anyway, I took around 200 photographs of the marginalia beasties (which was possibly a bit naughty but no one stopped me) so you can take and educated guess at what I’m sewing soon.

There was a dry spell, so I took an excursion to hotel chocolate, then maison du chocolat, then a new place on Piccadilly where I was seduced by the staff of handsome young men into buying some their chocolate as well, although it was a bit disappointing once I got it home.

Then back to the BM for the shunga exhibition, which was superb, as well being a lot more explicit than I’d expected- you could tell which were the dirtiest pictures because they were obscured by the biggest crowds. I almost bought the proper growd up catalogue for that, but I had a slight case of shopping fatigue by then so I didn’t.

In brief, I had a day of jewellery, chocolate and sex. It was the ideal day out really.

in other news, the ipad I got for Christmas sounds like a Geiger counter when I type, and Gareth has been regaling me with radiation stories from his days as a scientist that are making me glad I don’t want kids…

~ by opusanglicanum on January 4, 2014.

16 Responses to “Christmas project 2013,I’ve officially forgotten what day it is. Hang on, what was my name again…?”

  1. Sounds like an excellent day out. Hate that Geiger counter noise… Sound is always off on mine.

    • I haven’t figured out how to turn the sound off yet, I’m not clever with computers. As proved by the fact that I somehow managed to like my own post without being aware of it until WordPress sent me a highly sarcastic notification…

      • My iPad is quite “old” now, iPad 2 I think, so this might be of no use to you. It has sound buttons on the outside, along one edge. Think you might be able to turn it off in settings too though.

      • I did get it to turn off now, thanks. I think the hardest thing so far has been putting a screen cover and case on it. We ruined three screen covers before getting one on that is if not perfect then at least useable, and another half hour of swearing trying to fit a silicone cover (is very pretty purple flowers now it on, but am never taking it off!). And I thought the ones on phones were bad enough!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. Next time I’m over there, we’ll have to meet up and do it together.

    • We would have to plan in advance though, cos I don’t get down to London as often as I’d like

      • That’s more often that I get there!! I don’t know when I’ll be over the water again, but I hope soon, because I loved it there. Especially London.

      • London’s nice for visit, although I barely ever seee anything apart from museums

      • The day we went to the British Museum it was warm outside and yet they had the heat on inside. It was far too hot to enjoy. And we didn’t get enough time at the Natural History Museum. Or in London in general. Or in Britain either.

      • The BM is often warm, but usually just with body heat as it’s always packed. I’m not that into dinosaurs, but I like the natural history museum for the architecture. I do tend to spend more time in the V and A though

  3. If the weather is even half reasonable, walking in London can be quite pleasant, and by and large around Christmas people are good-tempered, even if slightly odd!

    • Friends who live there tell me off all at any time of year for making eye contact, smiling at folks and saying hello – they reckon it’s not normal. I tend to find people in the actual city are more friendly, but I avoid oxford street and the really touristy bits as am not really one for high street shops. Oxford streets all tat

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day out. (Although, it sounds like the Museum of London’s ticket arrangements and exhibition catalogues are about on par with the searchable collections part of their website – infuriating!)

    Oh, and I’m not sure this is something you really want to know… but did you know that the British Library has finally (finally!) digitised the entire Luttrell Psalter. It is available here:

    (P.S. Happy new year! Over the holidays I have been using a computer that crashed every time I tried to comment. But I thought I should let you know that it is looking very impressive and I agree with your choice of border and that it looks a lot more put together once the border is on there. I’m afraid I’ve been rather less productive medievally, though I have continued my December knitting tradition and have a new pair of socks.)

    • Socks are good. I now have pretty much all of the beasts from the marginalia on my computer, including the bat, but it’s good to know there’s an online version available.

      Museum of London online ticket thing was a total nightmare, I clicked the wrong ticket bad between two of us it took nearly twenty minutes to persuade it to delete the thing, and then when we finally got where we wanted the only options were print your own( and the printers playing up so that was too risky) and an e ticket, which I wasn’t too keen on cos I’ve only really had my new phone a week and don’t know how it functions yet. No option to pick up a real ticket at all.

      And don’t get me started on the book, I mean, I bought it, but it’s not good enough and I’d happily have paid twice as much for a proper one.

      I sympathise with your computer woes. Gareth persuaded dad to buy me this ipad for Christmas cos I’ve been using his old mac at his house, which is dying a slow and and agonising death, but then I’ve had to work out a whole new set of tech- learning to cut and paste was an adventure

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