Back to work, back to the zodiac

I started on the first of the symbols of the zodiac that radiate out from the sun back in November, and obviously I started with Gemini cos that’s the most important one (i.e. mine) but made rather slow progress becuase I wasn’t happy.


I’m not happy with the two-tone flesh on thier bodies. however I am oddly fond of them, they’re rather sweet with thier action man genitals, well, they’re either distant ancestors of Action Man or thier mam decided to be all trendy and down with the kids and bought them matching pink onesies for Christmas…

Anyway, I’ve decided to lay them aside for a while and come back to them, and they will either be scrapped and I’ll start again with just one colour, even if that much pink will make me retch, or I’ll modofy them somehow.

But I’m back to work in the morning, so I’ll need something to play with. Therefore I spent the evening watching a bad Arnie film and outlining a different star sign. I chose Aries because animals are always easier than people, and I rather like the glum little face on this goat. I know he’s meant to be a ram, but he really looks more goaty to me


The tack lines, btw, will be removed eventually, they’re simply there as a rough guide so I get each radial approximately the same size. for those of you not familiar with english slang, the word git, applied to grumpy males, comes from the Norse word for goat. My Gareth is not an Aries, but I think the goat might be a Gareth!

Both are the usual naturally dyed wool, split stitched onto tweed.

These were one of my Christmas presents, from John. I asked him to buy me a couple of the more special Viking beads from Tillermans because although I have lots of handmade silver pendants on my viking dress, all of my glass beads were aquired in the days before authentic ones were to be had. At the next market I’ll buy some of the cheaper ones to space these out a little and make a long enough string to hang between my brooches. He was quite generous to buy me five! (luckily he looked fantastic in his dinosaur shirt that I made him)

hiberno norse beads

Hopefully new shiny things will be the spur I need to finally make myself a new Viking frock. I’ve had some gorgeous wool twill stashed for that purpose for a few years now and never got round to it. My old one is nice enough, but I wear it almost every week for school visits, so it kind of feels about as special as a woolworths smock, poor thing has degenerated to workwear, and I want something nice to wear off-duty.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 7, 2014.

11 Responses to “Back to work, back to the zodiac”

  1. What colour will the background on the twins be? If it’s anything with red in it, you’ll find the skin less vivid when it’s in place. Grand Aries – that is one serious sheep!

    • like the labours hanging the back ground will be the colour of the cloth, and the cloth will be the primary colour for that element, hence aries is on red, gemini on yellow, earth is going on brown and water is going to be on green (i think, or it could be blue, I’d have to double check)

  2. Happy New Year! I hope you won’t mind my contacting you directly, but I am very interested in Opus Anglicanum, and would love to try it, but cannot find any courses. I have done a book search – as a former librarian and archivist, I tend to resort to the written word to learn new things – but similarly have been unable to find anything. The Christie book is rare, and any copies becoming available are well beyond my price range. I’m pretty handy with lace bobbins, crochet hook, knitting pins and sewing needles, so can turn my hand to most things.


    Linda Butt

    Sent from my iPad


    • you don’t where you live, otherwise I could be of more help, since you say knitting pins rather than needles, I suspect not England?

    • Sorry, I forgot to mention, if you’re just looking for online resources, search my blog. First there is a tutorial called ” little faces”, then look up last year and the year befores Christmas projects ( use the calendar and select dec and jan- both of those were opus Anglicanum and the daily progress posts show a lot of drapery technique

  3. Love the git, er goat, re ram motif. It’s a really cool one.

  4. Aries looks distinctly thoughtful – maybe he’s trying to come up with a way to make the Twins work better for you!

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