courses I’m teaching this year

Ok, so these are the dates I’ve got lined up for courses this year.

Please note you can’t book any of these through me, you have to go via the institutions where they’re happening.

All are in early medeival techniques, using naturally dyed

All of these will be at the ashmolean museum, oxford. Bookings are not yet on the ashmolean events system ( I will update when they are) but you can contact Jude Barrett, the person in charge, to book, on

You can also find Jude’s full contact details on the ashmolean website, including phone number

17th ( or it could be 16th, I might have got the two muddled, check with Jude) August, 19th September, and 22nd November. Three day opus Anglicanum course. 1st day focuses on design and drapery, second on faces, third on finishing, backgrounds and goldwork.

16th( or could be 17th, see above for muddlings) August one day workshop on medieval appliqué, focusing in particular on gilded leather appliqués like the Tristram hanging. The aim being to complete a small article of usefulness like an ipad cover or small cushion.

3rd October, freehand blackwork ( or red,) workshop. The aim being to make a Christmas decoration, so as well as embroidery this one will encompass some simple passementarie depending on progress.

These are in association with the exhibition of the feller collection, which looks exciting in it’s

July 6th. Medieval trees again at the INternational Medeival Congress in Leeds. I’m not actually sure whether this one is open to non-delegates or not, but if you contact the IMC office and ask Marta you can probably persuade her as I know that last year the university were chuntering about wanting to get more members of the public involved in the congress. The full programme doesn’t appear to be online yet, but this is the main site, and you can contact them here

July 26th, Tullie House Museum, Carlisle. Medeival beasties. They only booked about a week ago, so again this one isn’t online yet, but if you ring them you will be able to book direct

I can also arrange extra dates for individuals and groups, please contact me for further details

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29 Responses to “courses I’m teaching this year”

  1. Tullie House Museum is an interesting one – much for you and your students to see when you aren’t stitching!

  2. I wish I could do both, but particularly the Beasties one…….I’ll have to go to the airport and hop into someone’s suitcase.

  3. sounds like you’ll be keeping busy! it isn’t just the teaching, its the preparation and making samples etc…says she who hasn’t got the samples made for her knitting class on Monday…Anyhow, good luck with them!

  4. This looks fantastic – the exhibition and the workshop – would I be able to do it with no prior knowledge of the techniques?


    Chair of SCOS, Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism

    • yes, that’s the idea. the main techiniques of laid and couched work are unfamilar to most modern embroiderers so it’s designed to appeal to all abilities, beginners or more advanced and I’d love to see you!

  5. I wish I lived closer. There isn’t much of a community here (that I’ve found so far) of embroiderers.

    • whereabouts do you live? thing is I know there are chapters of the embroiderers guild near me, but I’ve never been tempted to join, cos all the exhibitions of work I’ve seen by my local group have been cross stitch kits, so I doubt I’d get much out of it

      • I am very near Washington DC. There is a local fiber arts group that I’m looking into.Classes aren’t offered and they seemed to more concerned with felting and that sort of thing (also fun). Embroidery doesn’t seem to be as big of deal in the states as it does elsewhere. I’ve never seen a class in it, knitting yes but not embroidery.

      • interesting, since Ive always thought embroidery was a bigger deal in the states than here! esp since most of my blog views seem to come from the states. I know a lot of sca types do embroidery.

        we must be a minority wherever we are – but I know there is an embroiderers guild of america, so you could try googling them?

      • Yes, there is an embroiders guild of Am. and they have chapters. The one that’s closest to me is weak at best…I found they were more interested in me teaching them than our learning or sharing together. Its wasn’t really worth the time sadly. The fiber artist that I mentioned before might be okay but they’re a quite a bit further away. So for now the internet and blogs seem to be the solution.

      • like me and my local cross stitch kit group then – although I have been thinking maybe I should look into teaching medieval embroidery with them, that could be worth my while. ( there is nothing bores me more than cross stitch). There is some good stuff on the net if you sniff around(lot of rubbish too, the embroidery thread on wordpress seems to feature badly embrodiered random words and catchphrases a bit too heavily for my personal taste), you might like ars quondam and mother eagle on wordpress – they dont do tutorials but thier work is good, and the daily japanese textile blog on wp is interesting from a textile design POV

      • Thank you, I’ll look them up!

  6. Hello! Do you know yet when/were the 3-part opus anglicanum workshop will be? Also, how much is it likely to cost? Cheers.

    • It’s at the ashmolean, and the dates 16th August, 20 sept, and 23rd November, I m not sure the exact cost but I know it came in at under £200 for the three days. Contact Jude Barrett, it’s lower case, ipad will not let me type Jude’s name uncapitalised

      • Ah, drat. That’s a tad too much to cadge out of people for a birthday present. More’s the pity. I do hope you are doing classes next year. Perhaps I’ll manage to catch one of your single-day ones then. *crosses fingers*

      • I doubt I’m ever going to teach opus anglicanum as a one day, as its a little too complicated.

        but you could email Jude
        and ask if you could book a single day of the three day course- I would reccomned the 2nd date (first is drapery(and clashes with bosworth anyway), second is faces, third is goldwork and finishing), and ask if you could book day three separately if you can afford it later. tell her I said it was ok.

      • and btw, if you email jude and she doesn’t get back to you within a day or two, poke her with a stick, you must know what people who wrok in museums are like?

      • another btw. classes start at 10, but if you turn up at 9you can have an hours catch up before everyohne else gets there

      • Thank you! I shall have a think and a talk to the birthday present providing people and see what I can get away with. ^_^

      • present providers is known as the birthday bat in these parts, close friend of easter bunny

      • Tanya, you say that the classes on Opus Anglicanum start at 10 but the Ashmoleum is saying 10.30. Can you please confirm which is correct. Also, do I need to bring anything to the classes? I am really looking forward to attending the 3 workshops and meeting you. Barbara

      • The ashmolean is more likely to be right than me- I always run early. Scissors and some coloured/ felt tip pens would be useful

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