Luttrel psalter sampler

Now try saying that ten times fast.

I am fascinated at the moment by the marginalia from the Luttrel psalter – not the realistic pastoral scenes that get all the attention, but the strange and fantastic little beasts and wierdos that pepper the whole manuscript in far greater numbers. I decided to do a small sampler for the ebasties workshops I’m doing this year, beast number one is finished.

lutrell psalter bishop beast

He’s a sort of, erm… bishop headed winged two legged long tailed…thing. Let’s call him Kevin. He looks like a Kev

lutrell bishop beast detail

It’s interesting that in trying to replicate the drawings I found myself using the same double lining techniques that I used for the antependium, specially since the antependium and manuscript are of roughly similar dates, as it shows the stylistic crossover between different media.

I had a lot of trouble choosing which beasts to use for this, and was sorely disappointed that I couldn’t fit the devil with a face in it’s arse into my composition. The beasties have such a strange variety of physical shapes, but it’s thier faces that I adore, some of them are just so sweet and dolorous.

In fact I’ve enjoyed myself so much with this over the last few evenings I’ve already decided to do more. I shall finish the fairytale coat once this is done, but then I plan to do a much larger sampler of many marginalia beasts. Partly because its mentally very good for me to have something all mapped out that I can come home to and plod away at after work for an hour or two – it helps me unwind, and partly because I want to play. I’ll have to plan it out on paper first, but I’m thinking something about two foot by five, using the long tails of many of the beasts – like wor Kev here, to form a network of circles such as you often see in medeival decorative art, which will enclose some of the more independant creatures.

In purely personal news, Gareth is convinced I have some sort of sudden onset motor neurone disease. Last week I dropped a sword on my big toe (pommel not blade) resulting in a nasty bruise but luckily no loss of toenail, although some bad words were said. then yesterday I tripped over a kerb, bruising my knees and hip and banging my face, two ladies who came rushing to help wondered if I needed an ambulance cos I’d gone so quiet, but I was quiet cos the pain message had not yet relayed to my brain despite the fact I was aware of falling, so I was basically sitting there thinking “erm…did I just knock out my front teeth” (the answer is no, but I have got a split lip) then just now I went upstairs in the dark, tripped over the top step and fell sideways onto my bed, I’ve bruised the hip again and broken the bed.

I’m more annoyed about the bed.

Never mind, they say these things happen in threes, so hopefully that’s that?

~ by opusanglicanum on January 22, 2014.

16 Responses to “Luttrel psalter sampler”

  1. Oh, no! Feeling a bit clumsy, are we? Hopefully you have finished at three.

  2. Kevin is lovely! I so wish I could go to your Ashmolean workshop, but alas, double booked and short of cash….

    Hope your clumsyness is temporary.

    • theres always the IMC later in the year if you go to that (and I think that workshop may well be cheaper)

      I am really hoping it is, I dont think I can cope with anymore purple body parts

  3. A sword? You have a sword?

  4. Are you okay – you did check for concussion – didn’t you?

  5. We call our accountant Kevin – it isn’t his real name, but surely all accountants should be called Kevin or perhaps Nigel at a push. Shall now have to control mental image of accountant in mitre when I talk to him.

  6. I do hope the clumsy period is over, but I am so looking forward to seeing you play with the beasties – they are engaging little rascals, aren’t they!

  7. Love the beastie! The Book of Kells and the old manuscripts I look at for fun also have all sorts of peculiar items inside the letters and places, and stopping to study gargoyles is only hilarious.
    Clumsy comes and goes sometimes, hope its gone for now. I heard of an old lady who kept jamjars in plastic bags in the pantry and when she had two mishaps she’d go and push a jamjar off the shelf in the hopes that it would count as the third!!

  8. I have so much love for this! As a manuscript junkie, I adore seeing the styles cross media. ❤

    • I’m really enjoying it, I’m already planning a large scale piece for later in the year. Am also having fun going through the 200 or so pics I took at the start of the year and trying to label them

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