A little bit of collar progress (but not much)

We had a busy weekend, including a visit to Hotel Choc’s new restaurant in Leeds(Gareth wore his veggie shirt that I made him for christmas for the very first time and he looked fab in it, but I managed to slob about and do some sewing on Sunday afternoon


She’s decribed in the adel church handbooks as “beakhead, smiling granny with teeth and striped headress”. She looks like a nice old dear, but personally I don’t think I’d take up her invitation to enter that funny gingerbread house she lives in…

There are a couple of beakheads described as grannies in striped scarves. I’m interested to know what the description of them as striped is based upon though- I mean, is it based on paint traces found on the stones, or simply upon the lines in the carving? The stones were painted originally, but I’m not sure how extensively the paint debris has been examined, although there are reconstructions of some the stones with colour in the book. Stripes in medeival art are often said to denote dubious moral nature, evil, or bastardy, and the presence of stripes in women’s fashion is a hotly debated topic. If she was wearing a striped headress it could be interpreted as simply fashion, or merely as an attempt to make the sculpted stones pop high up on the church wall, or it could be that granny here, cavorting as she does amongst assorted devils and baby-eating cannibals, is meant to be a little bit dodgy.

I also made myself a simple circle skirt. I love red polka-dots, and I’ve been wanting to use my spider brodery anglaise for ages. Forgive me for not modelling it, but my knees are still a sort of mottled purply greeny brown colour. It’s not attractive.

spider skirt

~ by opusanglicanum on January 27, 2014.

7 Responses to “A little bit of collar progress (but not much)”

  1. Sorry, I left a reply on the long post. WordPress is being particularly temperamental tonight. But massively lusting after that spider lace. Where is it from? 🙂

  2. Spider broderie anglaise? btw – do you think I would be up to doing your Oxford workshop?


  3. Spidery broderie anglaise is new to me, too – rather fun!

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