the zodiac – Aries

medieval embroidery

aries the ram

I realised during the week that he definitely is a sheep rather than a goat, because he doesn’t have a beard.

I’m re-naming him from Gareth the git to Iason the sheep, in honour of his somewhat golden fleece – I worked him in madder shades because Aries is one of the fire signs, although the bit I love is his silly stripey horns, because is it just me or does he look as if he’s wearing his socks on his head?

When Gareth wet-stretched this for me (btw, would anyone like a photo tutorial on wet-stretching. or is that too basic?) we realised that to maintain the shape indicated by the white running stitch we would have to use the template I’d made to get all the radials the same size. UNfortunately the template was made from newspaper, which would have got soggy, so this morning I nipped out to the model shop and got a sheet of plastic to make a new one. Gareth hadn’t realised I had a proper nerdy local model shop, and his eyes went a bit big, I was worried I was going to have to borrow a comedy shepherds crook from somewhere in order to get him out of there.

I’m a little behind in where I wanted to be with the next luttrel beast because I wasn’t expecting to finish this so quickly, and I had to give up an evening’s work on that in order to outline my next zodiac symbol (Leo – I figured I do all the fire signs together), but I’ve just done all my cooking for the week, so Ince I’ve posted this I can relax and sew.

He’s split stitched onto red tweed using threads dyed with madder, indigo, and weld – although the weld is in the green, not in the yellow, the yellow was fourth wash madder.

Oh, and I was very confused yesterday. There was a strange reference in my stats, so I went for a look and it was a craft forum asking for recs for embroidery blogs. Obviously I was flattered, but then I ended up reading it and checking out the other “embroidery” blogs folks had linked too, and apart from mary corbetts site, all the other blogs were about quilting, sewing, making plushies, etc, with perhaps one embroidery post if you scrolled down for a page or two – do people not know what embroidery is?

~ by opusanglicanum on February 1, 2014.

16 Responses to “the zodiac – Aries”

  1. He looks a bit intelligent for a sheep, even if he is wearing socks on his head!

  2. Either socks on his head or a jesters cap 🙂

  3. He’s gorgeous. My dad was a model aircraft builder. I spent many hours in model shops with him as a kid. He’d have been in there with Gareth.

    BTW do you think your Oxford workshop would be too advanced for me?

  4. He is rather lovely. Personally, I think he’s nicked some gothic-fantasy headwear from the Nightmare Before Christmas or similar…

    (And can I put in a vote for a wet blocking tutorial. I’m a complete sewing novice/dunce and, being self-taught, I can say that tutorials are ALWAYS useful.)

  5. People do not know what embroidery is – I kept being asked how my knitting was going, when I was clearly embroidering. I assumed people were joking – turns out they weren’t…

    Also, the colours are amazing! 🙂

    • , see, the zodiac is my handbag project, which means I work on it whilst kids are coming in and sitting down for thier history workshop, and 90% of them say, “the lady’s knitting” and I sort of assumed that was cos they were kids and hadn’t learnt any different yet…

  6. He looks so very proud of his stripy horns! (Makes up for appearing to be slightly short-changed in other departments of importance to rams.) I’m very eager to see Leo and the rest of the gang.

    • unusually for a manuscript of it’s date, the zodiac I’m using is noticeably lacking in willies of all species, which is lucky really, as is the project I’m carrying around to work on in primary schools

      maybe he lack of equipment explains the perplexed look on his face?

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