Lutrell psalter sampler again

He’s a sort of leaf tailed cat man doing yoga.

Medieval embroidery

Leaf tailed cat man doing yoga

I’ve really enjoyed doing these, and will probably do a couple of small ones whilst I plan the big sampler- at the moment my main stumbling block is that I can’t decide whether I want to keep it small enough to use the standard stretchers on my frame or use the big ones.

And here’s the whole thing. I’m definitely keeping the negative space top left

Medieval embroidery

Marginalia from the Lutrell psalter

Naturally dyed wool threads on wool canvas. Laid and couched work, split stitch.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 18, 2014.

13 Responses to “Lutrell psalter sampler again”

  1. Do we have any idea why they created such a menagerie in the margins? Did they just hate leaving white space, is there some storytelling going on, were they totally out of their heads on some medieval version of LSD…?
    I love his leafy tail, by the way – just imagine being able to thrash a tail like that if you were in a temper!

    • Medieval art really hates negative space, but to be honest I don’t know much more about them- all the media attention seems to go to the pastoral scenes, of which there are far fewer.

      Am not sure id want a leafy tail, just think of the amount if extra gardening you’d have to do. He must spend a fortune on baby bio! Then again, my plant obsessed beloved would probably find it a turn on, sometimes I jokoe that the only way to get his attention is to dress up as a palm tree

  2. Really lovely work.

    Is the dyed wool thread of your own dying…okay that sounds odd…or is there a manufacturer you prefer?

  3. They look really lovely together, and the colours are beautifully vivid. You’ve really captured the crazy images well. ^_^

    • Thanks, I’m feeling really inspired to play with more of them, so it’s quite frustrating that I’ll have to wait a few months because I have so many other things to be getting on with

    • Btw, cheeky market research question for you- Kay and Anne are keen for me to run embroidery workshops at TORM, but unlike e other workshops this will involve me paying out for room hire. It would be a four hour workshop on the Sunday afternoon, with an hour of follow up at the subsequent market for about £40-50 per head. Do you think reenactors will go for it?

      • Hmm… you’d have to advertise really, really well. I admit to going to TORM for about 6 years before I even realised there was anything upstairs in the right-hand hall.

        I’m not sure how well the follow-up part might be attended. November (at least with my group) always gets far, far more attendance than March.

        In principle, I think the idea has potential merit, but I don’t know how many people go to both/all days. At least for me, I’m not sure I’d be able to fit in a 4 hour session – a typical TORM visit already being busy with browsing, shopping, herding new group members (that takes most of the time) and socialising (now that we’re not living near our group).

      • There are people who come for thre whole three days though, and I agree about the advertising

        I think I need to at least try, cos lord knows the general standard of embroidery within reenactment seriously needs to be raised

      • Oh, I know people do go for the whole three days. I’m just saying that personally, I’m not an example of said demographic and so am probably not going to be much use in gauging their response.

        Also, if you DO end up running a session, let me know. I’d like to come to one of your workshops, but TORM would be better for me (if I can ditch our freshers…) as I’d already be paying the petrol money to get there.

      • You could always sign some if the freshers up as well…

  4. These creatures are great. I love the way the white is used for lines and details – it give a great feeling of lightness and ties the pieces together with the background. Yoga cat man has very trendy leggings to wear for his exercise routine.

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