Lutrell beasts – the little fiddler

Excuse the huge expanse of white background wool, but I can’t get wordpress edit to crop for me on ipad. I keep meaning to get an app to make wordpress work better on this device, but there are so many and I get confused.

I tend to think of three creatures as cow-footed whatevers, but I think they’re meant to be satyrs. It’s just that after years of looking at Ancient Greek vase paintings I find it hard to think of anything wearing a shirt as a satyr, especially given the lack of, erm…certain satyric attributes.

He’s smaller than his predecessors, only about five inches tall whereas catslug is about twice the size. I think I prefer working slightly larger, to be honest. I found the hands quite difficult and copied the original illustration very closely as I’m no musician, I’m still certain I got the fingering a bit off though.

Woad, madder, cochineal (the sixth wash is a brilliant flesh tone) weld, cutch, logwood and compound dark brown.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 10, 2014.

14 Responses to “Lutrell beasts – the little fiddler”

  1. Very fun! I adore this little guy. And the stitching is exquisite (as usual!).

  2. 5″ ?? VERY fiddly to work!! I do like your embroideries.

  3. Hello, your work is so wonderful!

    What weight/twist/ply yarn are you using to get these results? Any suggestions as to where to get it?

    • The wool I use is texere wool city two ply ( there are several different ones and I can’t remember offhand which this is) that I dyed myself. Appletons crewel would be the closest commercially available alternative, and I think if you dig around on the regia anglorum site they have a list of which appletons colours are the closest to the veg dyed stuff that they’ve done. Alternately look up the mulberry dyer, I don’t think they have a webshop as such but if you ring them they do veg dyed embroidery wools by mail order

      • I am a natural dyer so the colors are no problem. I don’t know what base yarn works well for this sort of work so I am looking for where to buy the natural yarn in the correct weight/ply. I will check the sites you shared with me and will hopefully find what I need. Thank you! Goody a new project!!!!

      • You’re actually the second person in as many weeks who has asked what wool I use because they want some to dye. Trouble is I really don’t know about American suppliers. I advised the other person to find something as close as possible to appletons crewel.

  4. He’s got rather a loose grip on his bow by modern standards, but I don’t know much about pre-viol violin-like instruments, so it may be absolutely correct. He’s also reversed, but I played the violin for ten years and stared at him for a good minute before I realised that, so I really don’t think anyone will mind. I certainly wouldn’t, and I can be as pedantic as the best of them!

    • I’m fairly sure I didn’t flip the photo, so the original must have been that way round. I did feel like I’d got the hand holding the bow was very much the one I’d cocked up though.

  5. I love how you’ve done the shading on the hood. Very fiddly embroidery (pun intended), and very pretty.

    • Shading Lutrell style is pretty much it’s own thing, and very different to Bayeux and Scandinavian styles in existing laid and couched work. I’m having to develop my own way of doing things based around manuscript illustrations

  6. Beautiful work, as always.

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