I had the fiddler and the catslug framed. I went for the scarily expensive solid oak frames, but I think it was worth it.

In other news I got myself one of them fancy hi tech catnavs people keep on about, but I think mines malfunctioning cos every time I ask it where to go it just tells me to eff off.


Branston has been travelling with me, between my house and Gareth’s, since he was a kitten. He has a harness attached to the seat and likes to look out of the window( on this occasion, btw, Gareth was sitting in the passenger seat, and he took this). I’d recommend the feline copilot to anyone who wishes to improve their driving. Cats simply do not like it if you over 60mph, corner fast, brake sharply, or accelerate too fast. My fuel consumption improved remarkably when I began cat chauffeuring.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 12, 2014.

19 Responses to “Framed”

  1. Sounds like you have had the car fitted with a catalytic convertor 🙂

  2. Very good about the cat! I wonder what the dog owners are hearing as they drive with their dogs’ heads sticking out the winder, ears flapping in the breeze. Probably, “Faster! Faster, you fool!”

    The stitchery looks great! It looks very nice in the frames. Have you thought of using a darker matte to match or compliment the colors in the stitching?

    • Dogs are far easier to please on the whole.

      I wanted to keep the mounts pretty neutral, hence the cream, because I don’t know where they’re going to end up. Darker mounts can be lovely, but they only work in specific sorts of room

  3. Very impressed by your catnav!
    The pictures look bright and clean in those broad cream mounts.

    • Catnav gets some odd reactions, last time we got stuck in traffic there was a big hairy trucker waving at him- branston was less than impressed.

      It so long since I had anything like this framed that I’m still getting used to it, they look very different to me, glad you like them

  4. I should be admiring the embroidery, as usual, but tonight I am most amused by the catnav.

  5. I love the framed work but the catnav made me laugh out loud! Branson appears to be saying ‘You know I’m a much better driver than you’.

    • He’s a cat, he thinks it’s only his lack of opposable thumbs that stops him being best at everything. And he hates cyclists with unsurpassed venom, no idea why

  6. I was advised by a very experienced framer to use very neutral light mounting and framing if you want to sell. BTW how much is the slug cat? I would very much like to have it as a momento of a lovely day and corrective to any hubris when seeing your lovely curved stitching.

  7. Framing always makes a huge difference, doesn’t it.
    I can just imagine how cats make their feelings known when they disapprove!

    • I’m so used to seeing my work as large hangings that it looks very different when treated as art.

      I’m always grateful that for all his grumpiness branny isn’t a pee in your shoes type cat, he’s more into verbal abuse

  8. Branston does look very relaxed in this photo, so I’m assuming your driving must be very good! It’s usually me who tells the SatNav to eff off, rather than the other way round!

    And the framed work looks lovely, by the way!

  9. […] The frame will be natural oak with a wide cream mount, as per the last things I had framed […]

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