A couple of years ago I bought a weavers sample with a dragon woven into it
Once I’d used the dragon I set aside the sizeable pice of leftover cloth, thinking I’d do something with it later. Then this Saturday I was feeling a bit brain dead and wanted nothing more than an afternoon in front of the telly with some nice brainless plain sewing, so I dug it out and began to make a new hood.

My aim was to make something to keep my ears warm at night rather than worrying about using the most authentic archaeologically verifiable pattern, because during the day I’m generally to be found swanning around in something ostentatious and completely impractical. So I decided to make a simple hood with shoulder cape and short liripipes.

My first problem was choosing which side of the cloth to use- red or green. I thought green looked nicest with the scrap of lavender linen I had for lining, Gareth thought the red looked better.image

In the end it seemed a shame not to use the fact that the cloth is dual sided- the red has a green twill and the green has a red twill- so I decided to go parti- coloured and reverse the fabric for the gores.


Sorry, I didn’t choose the best backdrop there. I really like the way it looks with the brim turned back there, but unfortunately there are two tiny cuts in the cloth at the edges. Invisible mending didn’t go too well cos it only came out invisible on one side. I’m quite tempted to cheat and use a scrap to Inauthentically face that edge so I can set the lining back a bit and play with contrast on the edge.

It doesn’t look too bad considering that I couldn’t find my tape measure so I just sort of guestimated and cut the thing by eye, which is probably a reasonably authentic way to make a simple garment really/

I really like this fabric, the drape is lovely and the finish superb. I quickly found myself wishing I had enough of it to make a C14th parti coloured gown, as the reciprocating twill looks wonderful.

Obviously I will now need to add embroidery, people wouldn’t recognise me if I went to an event wearing something plain.

In other news I went to see the Vikings at the BM yesterday and am feeling all inspired for silversmithing, pity I have to work all week!

~ by opusanglicanum on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hood”

  1. It looks very striking already! Looking forward to seeing how you embroider it..

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