Zodiac, cancer the nit

Sorry, but he really does look more like a nit than a crab. But then again I wanted to do the whole piece on the basis that a humumgous nit appealed to me on very juvenile level

Do they have nits in America?

erm, perhaps I phrased that wrongly, I meant to say do they call them nits, or are they headlice or somesuch?

I’m revealing my advanced age here, but I remember when primary schools used to get visits from the nit nurse, always known as nitty Nora in this part of the world. Of course if she still existed you wouldn’t be allowed to call her Nitty Nora these days, it would probably count as descrimination or workplace bullying.

As I was working on cancer I had this mental vision of Nitty Nora going on an internet date, and as she sits down in a posh restaurant her companion asks what she does for a living. “Oh,” says she, airily, “I’m a head lice prevention and control executive for the local education authority”

Her companion looks blank for a moment, before comprehension dawns “oh, so you’re Nitty NOra then!”

I like this little chap even more now he’s finished, he’s oddly cute and makes me feel justified in doing the entire zodiac piece.

And I’ve only just noticed that the pop up book of zodiacs has a list of famous people for each star sign. Cancer we have Henry VIII and Emmeline Pankhurst. Something tells me they wouldn’t have got along too well?

~ by opusanglicanum on March 25, 2014.

17 Responses to “Zodiac, cancer the nit”

  1. Nitty Nora – :oD I’m afraid they don’t exist any more, well not at least in my neck of the woods – cost cutting. Which is probably why the rate of head lice infestations has gone through the roof. :os Love your humungous nit though!

    • Oh, I know they dont exist any longer, which was why I felt I was shwoing my age being able to remember. Not that anyone in my tiny school ever managed to catch any

  2. He does look rather nit-like, doesn’t he?

  3. I have definitely come across this on the underside of our mutts after a walk through sheep and tick country. Also, I found myself sitting in the bijoux apartment of my elegant Danish friends being combed for nits. We first knew them as elegant Europeans who frequented chic cocktail bars. How greatly are the mighty fallen.

  4. My goodness, wouldn’t you just love to send Henry VIII and Emmeline Pankhurst on a date and then be a fly on the wall!
    Do love Cancer, though – he’s very cute!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. As both a Cancer and school teacher I can honestly tell you that this fellow makes me squirm a little. In America we only call the baby lice nits. The rest we just call lice, or headlice. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t spend the time to figure out which are babies and which are adults.

    I love what I’m seeing on your blog. I’m glad I found it!

    • oddly enough, after 17 years performing in schools I have still yet to catch nits, perhaps I’m immune?

      • Oh I hope so. I hope I am too. I’ve been lucky thus far too!

      • I did have a nasty run in earlier this year though. during lunch I overheard a groups of y1 teachers trying to decide if a brother and sister should be reported to social services because they smelled bad, all the time. then after school I stopped at the local shop on the way home and nearly fainted when I rounded the corner of the aisle. I can only think she must have been those childrens mother cos her stench made your eyes water from six feet, she smelled like she’d seen niether soap nor water the last twelvemonth!

        her kids wont get nits though

  6. I saw a tick like the other lady. Gross insects. My daughter had head lice once in grade school. The shampoo smelled awful. What is the singular for lice? It is a picture of a lice just doesn’t sound right so maybe they called it a picture of a crab because of that.

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