brian picking needed

I need to make my stepmum, Janet, a replacement gift the earrings I made her at christmas (I asked dad if she wore earrings and he said yes, but it turns out she doesn’t)

She really misses Trevor, thier border collie. I did think about doing a Lab like thier current dog (Labs are easier to draw), Barney, but think Janet’s heart still belongs to Trev.

I want to take a recogniseably collie silhouette and make a simple brooch, but I can’t decide whether to make an outline of a dog in silver (probably slightly textured like the scotty dog earrings I made Caz), or to take a circle of silver and cut the dog out of the middle to leave the dog as a negative space.

I’m thinking negative space dog at the moment, because from a practical point of view it might catch less on clothing. Plus Janet does tend to be quite minimalist. It’s hard to think what she would prefer because she rarely expresses and opinion on her aethetic taste.


~ by opusanglicanum on March 31, 2014.

20 Responses to “brian picking needed”

  1. I think the circle with the collie in the middle sounds nicer, but what do I know?

  2. Doing the negative space version is a bit more unusual, and I rather think it will be a greater test of your skill…!

    • according to my old teacher piercing metal is something I have a bot of a talent for, and as long as you dont cut too much away you can do a lot by winkling away witha file afterwards, but the negative space version does sound more interesting.

      also, I’m thinking its an interesting concept to commemorate and ex doggy

      I’m really looking forward to a few workshop days these next couple of weeks, specially since cooksons sent me an apology voucher for an order that they cocked up last year, so I’ve ordered myself an emerald adn a sapphire as a treat, since I didn’t need anything

  3. The negative space idea sounds good. The only downside I can see is that you wouldn’t be able to give the collie markings, and thus you’d have to get the silhouette really, really good to make it clear that it was a collie, not a generic dog.

    • I was thinking of trying to work that silhouette where they’re crouching to cahse sheep, which is quite distinctively collie, so works without the markings

  4. I’d go for the negative space idea as well. I’ve got a dragon brooch which consistently takes lumps out of both me and my clothing if it catches and I do think the negative space concept is more elegant.

  5. Just a thought- would the negative space keep reminding her that the dog has gone, while the other version would remind her of the dog as she remembers him?

  6. I prefer the negaitve space option but you could always do both perhaps and then decide whcih you preferred.

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