new courses

I did promise I would make a post about some new upcoming courses at the Ashmolean this week, but apparently the bookings don’t go live until June, so I’ll do it with a linky then. They’re to tie in with the exhibition of the Feller collection.

In August there will be a one day workshop on medieval applique and day one of a three day opus anglicanum series (day one is drapery and design)

The others are September, October and November, and will be days two and three of opus anglicanum (faces, then goldwork and finishing) and a one day workshop on freehand blackwork.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 10, 2014.

9 Responses to “new courses”

  1. Are these courses on line so you can click on any time to view them?

    • not yet, they dont go online and start taking booking until June 18th. I’ll post the link as soon as I can, so just keep an eye out if you’re interested

  2. ….drapery and design as part of the OA course. *slobber* Wish I could go!

  3. Now, *that’s* a plan!

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