even more lutrel marginalia

This one being a cow’s arsed bishop, or if you take the view that these are satyrs, a satyrical bishop.cows arsed bishop

And this time I took a progress shot to show how much life the white brings to these pieces

cows arse detail

dyes are, weld, woad, madder, cochineal, logwood and my compound brown

~ by opusanglicanum on April 11, 2014.

17 Responses to “even more lutrel marginalia”

  1. Is he going to be framed? I tempted to have him as well…

    • He is, although I was going to wait a while and do four and just get them all framed at once. Three and four are going to wait a couple of weeks though as I have a small comission and an article to write for a magazine first, which will take at least two weeks of my sewing time (the article being mainly a case of sewing and taking pics of it). If you want him I can get him framed for you, or perhaps you should drop strong hints with the medeival historian and he could come and do some chirstmas shopping at the IMC

  2. What an amazing collection of characters! They look brilliant in your clean and even stitching. I’d like to know how you did the dying with the cochineal. Was is a purchased dye or all from “scratch”?

    • The face is cochineal, just beetles that I ground up, I’ve never used the extracts you can get. That very pale fleshy pink is( I think) the sixth wash from the bath

  3. Neat! Where do you get the beetles? I occasionally see them at my friend’s ranch in Ramona but I can’t imagine finding them all in one place in her yard. Not enough to dye anything, anyway, or we would have already tried it.

    • Dyeing suppliers, in the uk George wiel. The whole point of the beetles though is that they were hard to collect and therefore expensive. American cochineal are meant to be much easier to collect than European kermis, hence the fact that kermes production almost ceased within decades of the discovery of the new world. I can get kermes from time to time but it’s£5 per gramme whereas cochineal is £5 per 100g.

  4. The effect of the white is magical, isn’t it? Another wonderful character – he looks rather sad- perhaps his back legs embarrass him a little?

  5. He clearly needs his crozier to prop himself up, too!
    The white makes a huge difference, doesn’t it – the odd little flourish that produces all the “sparkle” in the design..

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