Something modern for a change

I started making Gareth a shirt for his birthday back in February, and I almost finished it the day before the big day.

But then I couldn’t find either of the buttonhole foots for my machine, so he had to accept a late present to be finished once ebay had obliged cos Boyes didn’t have one.

Except once the foot turned up the bulb on the machine blew.

And obviously I popped to boys and bought a new one. One with a screw fitting

And obviously the machine takes a bayonet fitting bulb so I had to go back to boyes.

And then I was busy teaching workshops, aaaaaand a dog came in and ate my homework and the bus was late and…

Anyway, I finally got round to it this weekend


That’s not bad photography- he insisted I cut his head off cos he says he feels a bit rough, but I think he’s actually embarrassed to be seen with me. You can’t blame him really.

I bought the white fabric on leeds market. We both looked at it and thought it was cartoon bacteria, so we ought it would be fun to team it with insects, cos boys are made from insects and germs, it’s a scientific fact, that is. But then when I was cutting it I realised the edge said “under the sea”


I still don’t get it. I mean, I can see how the orange splogy thing might be an octopus, but the rest still look like microbes and bacteria to me.

Which might explain why it was four quid a metre.

Feeling guilty that his birthday present was two months late, I decided to make him a compensation shirt as well. We both like this one best

I found six types of cream and black print and experimented with a monochrome mix. He thinks it’s understated, bless him.

I didn’t tell him I was making this, because I thought he might whine about the florals. I find it’s sometimes best just to make things and then he doesn’t notice the flowers in amongst the rest. It’s the fine art of man management.

Gareth says I make pulling shirts, cos whenever he’s in a pub without me and wearing one, someone tries to chat him up. Last time we were in oxford he left me and went to bar to get me cider, and he reckons a girl in her twenties chatted him up. He seemed slightly traumatised.

There has to be a marketing idea in there somewhere…

~ by opusanglicanum on April 19, 2014.

6 Responses to “Something modern for a change”

  1. Yeah – they look like bacteria to me too!

    There’s a marketing idea in there, for sure, but I can imagine it misfiring, too, with the sort of consequences cause everyone but those most nearly concerned to howl with laughter…!

  2. It would be interesting to make him one of your splendid shirts with “PUSH” written on the back or the pocket – just to see what happened.

  3. Your Gareth is a Lucky Boy (for you to be making lovely shirts for him).

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