I want to make my of a new bag, and I can’t quite decide if this is interesting or just a bit too busy?


I think it’s staying on the rug for an hour or so whilst I think about it. Maybe I need a quick run out to Bonds in the morning to look for more blues to play with before we head out to Harrogate flower show

~ by opusanglicanum on April 24, 2014.

18 Responses to “Hmmmm…?”

  1. Like the braids but not the lace – it seems not quite robust enough.

  2. I would certainly stare at it for a while longer – this sort of thing is very hard to decide based on a photograph!

    • The wierd part is that Gareth walked in and really liked it. He’s normally mr minimalist

      • Yet he likes those multi-fabric shirts? I think you might be gradually moving him away from minimalism!

      • he liked bright shirts before he met me, something to do with working in a lab being very boring so shirts made him happy. although he does say mine are the nicest hes ever had. yet he’s a complete interiors minimalist, but not in the garden where he crams in so many plants it looks like a jungle (I think we will have to put up higher fences to keep monkeys out). honestly sometimes hes so contradictory he cold pass for a girl

      • Which is what makes him interesting enough to spend time with, surely?

      • mostly its what makes me repeatedly ask him how the hell his parents managed to raise hiim to adolescance without drowning him the nearest available bathtub

  3. I like the idea of all the trims interwoven for a bag. I’ve thought of doing this for decorative pillows, but those kinds of pillows do not have a long life expectancy at my place. I think that the overall look is a bit busy. You might weave a few plain ribbons in with it to give the eye some rest so that the patterns of the really pretty trims stand out. I’d also make sure that everything was tacked down well so it doesn’t pull out since you are using it for an item that is going to get moved around a lot. How big are you contemplating making it?

  4. The lace could go…

  5. I think it is suitably bonkers. All of it. Even the lace. Go for it!

    • I’m going to have a wander out to bonds in the morning to see what else I can find to mix in

      The people who sell tablecloths at Harrogate flower show had un bleached linen coated in acrylic, it’s waterproof and cheaper than oilcloth, looks jolly useful for waterproof bags round camp

  6. I, of course, love it!

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