That bag idea again

Sorry about the current lack of historical embroidery posts. the only thing I’ve been working on is super secret and you can’ see it yet.

Instead I bring you bag idea part two, the further adventures of bag idea, because I need brief periods of doing something else between bouts of embroidery.

Saturday morning I toddled over to Bonds in farsley to see if they had more braid. Obviously thay had more braid, because everythime I go there I come away with a carrier bag full of the dratted stuff and I have to find ways to use it, hence the bags. But then I start things and don’t have enough braid so I have to go back and buy more. I think Bonds have invented some sort of retails moebius loop there.

I have seen people use this braid on costume. Unfortunately this cannot be unseen. I still have flashbacks. ~shudders~

Anyway, bag!


One day Gareth will fit actaul windowsills.

I tacked the braids together inside, but left them loose on the surface, so although they can move around a bit they can’t actaully go anywhere.

I ended up not using the lace becuase I found some other darker blues to mix in. I did buy soft wool tape to sew the lace down onto, but there ended up not being room.

Sexy lining shot…

bag lining

I used a heavy cotton canvas because you need something substantial to anchor a magnetic snap.

Last time I visited VV rouleaux in London they had vintage upholstery tapes very similar to these (in fact I think a couple were identical) for anything up to £20 a metre. Fortunately I don’t shop there often, I go to Bonds of Farsley instead. You don’t quite get the same deluxe Marylebone retail experience, because Bonds is a shop that looks semi-derelict (that might improve if they ever finish the extension they’ve been working on for years)where you wade through enormous piles of stuff that looks like its been dropped from a great hieght and if you can’t find it you can’t have it because the assistants don’t do bending over backwards for customers because they’re mainly ladies of a certain age for whom any sort of bending is a distant memory.

On the other hand, they charge 25p a metre for this stuff, so who cares? For 25p a metre you can play to your heart’s content.

I like Bonds.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 28, 2014.

20 Responses to “That bag idea again”

  1. It’s a very gorgeous bag and I covet it. Bonds sounds interesting.

    • Bonds is great, Its like the shop that time forgot. thankfully time also forgot to install credit card facilities there, so I have to set a budget and stick to it when I go

      but you do get a lot for twenty quid.

      I think the bag is best suited to being a laptop bag as its quite squishy with all those layers

  2. Very nice! I like this combination of trims better. It doesn’t look overdone.

  3. Think the bag looks great and would make a great present for Xmas!! Especially for aunty margy!!!! Xxxxx

  4. Very nice. The blues look better matched than the first iteration. It looks lovely.

  5. what a great idea! i love rooting around in emporiums and have seen some lovely braids but had no clue what to do with them, as the stevie nicks thing just isn’t me…. but a bag, i like 🙂

  6. I like it a lot now!

  7. Bonds sounds wonderful – I love those old-fashioned slightly-crazy shops. But they are a vanishing species and all-too-often disappear or get remade as something bland and far less interesting. The bag looks good and looks practical and hard-wearing, which is even more important. I imagine it will mellow over time to something much loved and much admired.

    • you might have to ask my aunty Margy how it wears, since according to the commnets below its what she’s getting for christmas.

      my nieghbour helen told us about bonds, bonds and boyes are two of my favourite shops

  8. Love the colour choices and I’m glad you dropped the lace. If it was my bag, I’d be scared to use it ’cause knowing my luck, I’d end up catching the braids on door handles!

  9. Bonds sounds like the sort of shop I need to put on my To Visit list…!

    • they have odd opening hour (of course!) I think they close at four and only open four days a week, so check first. I’ve heard fabworks in wakefield is good for fabric as well, but I can never be faffed going all the way to wakefield

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