mystery blackwork

So I have a show second bank holiday Monday, doing Tudor embroidery. Trouble is my yellow kirtle was deliberately made to be cool for jumping around storytelling on hot summer days, and not for sitting still on cool spring bank holidays- and we all know what the weather’s like on bank holidays, don’t we? I can’t even wear the gown over it if I get cold because it’s a bit too elizabethan.

I decided to make a new kirtle from wool, which I will post later as I’m currently piecing together the dismembered bits from another frock. But when I was rootling through the big chest I found this…

Counted blackwork isn’t like me, yet I know I did this, I just can’t rememeber why. My best guess is that about 12 years ago we, along with many others, were hired by some bloke to do some border riever stuff at his castle in scotland, and that I must have done this then, probably just to pass the time. The castle bloke refused to pay anyone for the event, after loads of paying public had been in, because, you know, that never gets old, always gets a belly laugh that trick. He did pay in the end, but only after we threatened him with court action.

Anyway, I’m thinking if I cut this lengthways and machine stitch the edge with a zig zag, it ought to hold up ok for the cuffs of a shift, might as well use it for something.

I have been longing to make an early tudor gown for a while, but I’d been planning to make it from brown silk velvet. I wont have time to do that by the end of May because silk velvet needs to be handled at liesure. However, fearing the worst of the British bank holiday weather, I was thinking I might make up a nice woollen middling sort of gown, just in case, and a nice velvet partlet.

Unfortunately this has sent me into agonies of indecision over colour choices. I can have madder coloured kirtle with black gown and brown velvet partlet

brown back scrap

or madder kirtle, brown gown and brown velvet
brown brwn scrap

Or madder kirtle, black gown, and red velvet
brown balck scrap

or madder, brown and red

brown red scrap

or there’s also some pink velvet
pink scrap

I really like the brown but the black looks nice too and now I’m all, “AAAARRRGH!!!!”

~ by opusanglicanum on April 30, 2014.

12 Responses to “mystery blackwork”

  1. Sounds like your castle bloke had aspirations to be a border riever himself. Glad to hear you forced honesty upon him in the end..

  2. Does the comment “Think Spring!!!!” help at all?

  3. Oh yes, I know a few castle owners myself, maybe you could tell me whom? Glad you got paid in the end.

    • I can’t remember the guys name now, it was an awful long time ago. His place wasn’t far over the border at the Carlisle end, a tower house and I think he reckoned it had connections to Robert the Bruce. I’ll ask john and see if eye can recall the name

    • John says it was a mr burns at old buitltle tower, Dalbeattie

  4. Something good to pick up as a hobby. I remember the times to the past, i have had a good deal of ietrenst in embroidery and similar crafts, but life got busy, but i still think to get back to the old times and get along something of this sort.

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