I’ll tell you about this properly in a day or two, when I’ve done enough of it for it to be worth talking about.

But in the mean time there is something about the colour and texture of this trellis couched silk that reminds me of one of those quilted bedjackets that old ladies used to wear when I was a kid…


my tiny brain is much amused by this

~ by opusanglicanum on May 8, 2014.

14 Responses to “bedjackets”

  1. ooooh yes! Slinky slippy nylon fabric! But I’m sure your embroidery has a much nicer feel.

  2. Yes, rings bells here, too – although as both my grandmothers knitted their own bedjackets I am not at all sure which elderly ladies I can possibly be thinking of!

    • well, I was thinking of my nana’s friends, rather than my nana, so maybe that was it?

      • Maybe. It can’t have been TV, because when I was a child we didn’t have one!

      • until I was about 14 my mum still had a black and white tv. It was really annoying because she always wanted to watch snooker and then when we finally caught up with the 20th century and got colour she completely went off watching it.

        last time i saw her she was bitching loudly about how much she hated her new tv. she’s basically a luddite at heart

  3. I look forward to seeing your matching quilted slippers.

  4. I can see the quilted fabric now – and there is a definite resemblance. My grandmother had a knitted one though – and I admit to picking up knitting again at the age of 22 (after learning it in school at age 12 I think) to make myself a knitted bedjacket.

  5. I remember a bed spread like that from my childhood… in “blargh green” color… I’m sure it was emerald once.

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