Because teh internets doesn’t habs enuff tiny kittehs

I’m supposed to be demonstrating early tudor embroidery weekend after next, so I need something to be working on. I had a bookcover on my to do list, so I’ve started that. The book in question belonged to Henry VIII and was, if I remember correctly, a guide to the holy land.

It’s to be red silk velvet with applied slips of shield, garter and roses. I started with the shield becuase that goes in the middle. It’s silk laid and couched with trellis couching and I’ve match the colours as closely as I can, although I think the original was more of a coral pink. NOrmally I avoid using pale colours that have faded as I prefer reproduction done in the original, bright, colours, but I think in this case the true heraldic colours were not used because a good red wouldn’t have shown up against the crimson velvet. So we have pastel heraldry

shield couched

I’m going to admit now that I made a really stupid mistake. I’d lost the part of my notes on this piece that had the exact scale, so I guestimated, and to be honest I think I did it about half the size I should have. What I hadn’t thought about was couching the lions onto the shield – they’re tiny!

shield finished

That’s the inch side of the ruler sitting next to it, in case you were wondering. Not only were they very tiny and fiddly to do, but working out how to couch them was like one of those puzzles where you have to draw a house without taking the pen off the paper or crossing over. In the end the lions were easier than the fleur de lys, though. Maybe it’s just me but I always find fleur de lys fiendishly difficult things to draw, they look so simple but then they just aren’t.

My second mistake was using the benton and johnson no2 gold passing thread to couch. I should have used the vintage stuff I’ve got stashed, because the vintage stuff tarnishes just a tiny little bit, and the tarnish I think would have made it show up better.

Branny tried to help with the lions by modelling for me. This was his best attempt at passant gardant…

passat regardant

Crap, isn’t it. I don’t think he’s cut out for heraldry.

And yes, actaully, my hoover is broken. And someone forgot to fix it for me this weekend ~stares at Gareth~

~ by opusanglicanum on May 13, 2014.

10 Responses to “Because teh internets doesn’t habs enuff tiny kittehs”

  1. Wonderful! It could be right for Late Middle Ages clothes too?

    • The trellis couching isn’t seen much before the c15th, I think, earlier its safer to use regualr laid and couched, but surface couched gold on top is good throughout the middle ages

  2. I really like the effect of the trellis couching and after looking at the closeup photos, I think your couched lions and fleur de lys are amazing – doubly so when given the size!

  3. I think the problem with fleur-de-lys is that they appear in memory as a simple shape, and when you try to draw them you discover they aren’t!

  4. Lovely kitty but poor heraldic form. The applied lions and fleurs look nice but I can imagine the pain of such tiny things.

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