Every now and then I get quite smug about my fabric stash. For weeks, even whole months at a time, I labour under the delusion that I know what’s in the spare bedroom, and exactly what I’m going to do with each and every little bit of it when I eventually get round to it.

Then I go in there looking for Brown silk velvet. I find that brown silk velvet, becuase my stash if well ordered and the brown silk velvet is exactly where it ought to be.

Except for the part where the brown silk velvet is cuddled up with three metres of oyster coloured silk velvet. Not only do I not know what the oyster coloured velvet is for, I can’t remember buying it.

I stared hard at the oyster coloured silk velvet and it stared back at me, respledent and shiny and smug, and refused to give me even an inkling of what it wants to be when it grows up. It had the confident air of an accomplished freeloader who had taken up squatter’s rights in the spare bedroom

Can stash breed when you aren’t looking?

Not that I mind if it does, you understand, its more that I’m worried about how much wieght the floorboards can handle…

~ by opusanglicanum on May 21, 2014.

16 Responses to “aargh”

  1. No doubt – stash breeds.

  2. Oh it would be sooooo good if it did breed…. So long as it only had good looking and useful children though!

  3. Yep, stash breeds, no doubt about it. Although I must say, three metres of oyster velvet is a good puzzlement to have!

  4. I know for a fact that stash breeds- but I’ve never had it breed anything as glorious as oyster colored silk velvet. Most of my spontaneous stash offspring turns out to be things that make me go “Why in the hell would I buy that?!??!”

  5. Mine also eats whatever it is you think you still had just enough left of, when you have a use for it.
    I wish I had a spare bedroom to keep my stash from flooding my bedroom and living room.

  6. Eloquently put.

  7. Brown and oyster… they sound like they go together, perhaps use the oyster as an underdress or underskirt? Do you keep receipts for your taxes? That might tell you when the brown started breeding it…

    • I probably bought it just because it was there – I can’t get any more silk velvet for the same price, and I got it bloody cheap – and I’ll have though why not. there are some lovely appliqued velvets from the c16th, it might do for something like that

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