Wanna see my sexy garter?


Its at the point where it can be applied as a slip to the velvet background now, with the shield from last week in the centre. I’m not sure if I’ll get time to do that before I’m at the event or not, but it doesn’t really matter if the application is done on site as that’s what I’m there for. The buckle and strap end will also be applied once this is on the velvet.

I did make two mistakes drafting this. First is that the right hand strap shouldn’t have such a point to it, but I can fold that under and it will be fine. Second is that the entire top of the thing is covered by a separately applied crown, so I could have saved myself a bit of work if I’d drawn it properly and left a gap there, which is why I’ve not finished the top properly. I do wish I’d planned a bit better and saved myself the work, because for some reason trellis couching silk is much more tedious than straightforward laid and couched work – I think it’s because I have to concentrate quite hard on keeping the trellis even.

I’m still not sure from peering at pics of the original if this was laid over a sheet of felt to raise it before it was applied. I’m tempted to just apply it as a straight strip without padding because you knid of want a book cover to be flat, although the crown will end up being a bit more raised and prominent.

trellis couched silk filament with surface couched gold.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “Wanna see my sexy garter?”

  1. Looking good. Keeping Trellis even can be rather a trial..

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