You may remember the little faces tutorial I did about two years back, and I’ve been meaning for all that time to finish the goldwork inside his halo.


Well, I’m working on it right now. It’s my intention to get a few pieces framed and ready to sell, and since this little chap was done for no other purpose than providing a tutorial he might as well find a new home.

However, now I can’t decide-

-should I mount him as he is, on a linen background, or as a slip on velvet?

– and if I put him on velvet, should that velvet be gold, brown, or the more coventional red?

The frame will be natural oak with a wide cream mount, as per the last things I had framed

~ by opusanglicanum on June 3, 2014.

16 Responses to “indecision”

  1. Whatever you decide will be lovely … but I vote for the conventional red velvet.

  2. As it is?

    • that was my first instinct, as it would then tone with the frame. but the medieval way would be to slip it onto velvet, so I wondered if I should reconsider

  3. Chestnut Brown or red, I think!

  4. I rather like him on the white linen. It may not be as authentic, but it shows up the stitching.

    • good greif, why is WP filing you to spam?

      It does show up the stitching, unfortunately it also shows up a slight kink in the cloth, and wet stretching isn’t an option once the gold is in place, I’m still undecided

  5. I think the edges of the red halo would get lost on red velvet, so how about going for a paler tone of the blue/green of his hair and beard?

  6. I really like your style of filling in the faces…I may have to adopt it with some of my own artwork. It’s beautiful! Thanks.

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