Finally, pictures!


It’s worn over the orange cabbage kirtle I showed a few weeks ago, which has now had the bodice shortened. I did make sleeves and a partlet for the kirtle but never wore them because it wasn’t very warm.

The sash was going to be white but then I couldn’t find the white silk and had to use this cochineal dyed silk, it was a bit lightweight so I put tassels on the end for substance.

There were good things and niggles to this one.

Good things-

It was made entirely from stash. I spent £2.

It’s really comfy to wear

It’s easy and quick to take on and off.

I really really like the colour. I did want brown velvet trim but that would have meant cutting into Virgin fabric, whereas the red was off cuts from my c15th gown. The lining is also a bit motley because I used two large, and different coloured, leftover bits.

The niggles-

The bonnet doesn’t feel right. I made the round bonnet because it would pack easily into the suitcase of doom, but I think I want something a bit more structured. Or maybe I just need to make one a bit smaller

The sleeves are a little short. Now I’m not sure if this is actually a bad thing. It would be half an hours work to lengthen them but they’re kind of the ideal length for embroidery.

The hooks and eyes need replacing. Irritatingly, they were the only thing I spent money on. I had to use jewellery wire from Boyes because the model shop was out of brass wire, and to be honest it’s a bit too soft and a bit too shiny, but it did the job for the weekend.


To be honest my bum could have been bigger. I did pad the pleats as per the queens servants, but to be honest I think I overpadded them, so I ended up taking the padding out because it looked wrong. ( probably for the best, I had enough trouble getting everything into the case)


Amusingly, another reenactor, who should have known better, told me my outfit wasn’t authentic for early Tudor because it was fifteenth century.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 7, 2014.

8 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. It’s easy to misspeak oneself with centuries. I always run through the sentence in my head to sanity check and still end up getting it wrong some of the time!
    The cochineal ribbons look like just the sort of thing someone might add to cheer up or perhaps renovate an old gown – something I am sure they did a great deal!

  2. Oooh! Lovely! The brown is just… delicious. The red velvet (and the red sash) sets it off beautifully).

    (And *sigh* what is it with people? Somehow, it seems the less people know, the more they love to be superior and tell other people how they’ve got it wrong…)

    • I think Gareth was surprised I Ike the brown so much cos I’m usually little miss garish, but I do love a rich chocolate brown.

      It was Pete green, like a lot of male reenactors he’s always a bit full of shit

  3. Just great (and fastidious) work ! I’m a big fan of medieval cultures, and a stitcher, i can claim That U ROCK !!! 😉

  4. I also had an issue with the round bonnet being too large when made up for the measurements. I’ve found that folding the front edge back about 2″ fixes this and brings the back of the hood in line with the shape of my skull and nape of the neck. If I made a future one, and wanted to include the lappet, as you’ve done, I’probably omit the first 2″. Maybe try folding it under and tacking it down to see if you like the look.

    • normally I take anything I read in a book with a pinch of salt and measure it by my own method, but I was in a hurry hat week and bodged it (I finished the bonnet on the train, sooo…)

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