Little face again

I finally finished the underside couching inside his halo.( you can still find the original tutorial by clicking on the sidebar icon) I can’t say I particularly enjoy underside couching, since it’s quite boring to do and tends to make my fingers sore, but sometimes it’s worth it.


You may recall that I was wobbling about how to mount him. In the end what swung it was Gareth, who is normally dead against colour and ornament, saying that he should be on velvet. I accidentally ordered a darker cream mount than usual, but in this case it worked better.


Once the Lutrell beasts are framed, this will be physically the smallest of my limited stock of items for sale, but he will be the most expensive. I’m thinking he might also make a nice greetings card?

In other news, my roses are looking nice ( this is what I missed in the tent the other week )


And despite Gareth’s best efforts with the strict diet, and Branson’s best efforts with the excercise coaching, Hobbes is still looking significantly porky


~ by opusanglicanum on June 9, 2014.

14 Responses to “Little face again”

  1. I think the red was a very good choice as it complements the gold halo and it gives the whole work an authentic feel without falling into pastiche.

  2. Yes, it is beautiful! … good job!

  3. He does look good on the red, now that the filling is in the halo. Is the u/side couching in a dense twill pattern, or am I just seeing the twist of the thread? (I’ve looked at the pictures full size, but can’t decide.) It’s very, very neat.

    • It’s a very dense twill, I used quite a fine gold. I know it was Benton and Johnson 2% gold passing! but I’m not sure what number cos I wound it onto a wooden spool for authenticity at shows! but I think it was number two. Also I have no clue why my ipad keeps putting exclamation marks everywhere, sorry if I sound a bit excitable

      • Wow! In that case, I am even more impressed by your neat couching than your ipad!!!!

      • I’m working on a much larger piece of underside couching at the moment and it’s not going nearly so well, I think it’s easier to get neat with a finer thread. Then again I had been feeling a bit guilty about how messy I perceived my underside couching to be on the large piece until I watched the bbc4 documentary on opus Anglicanum earlier this year and saw the botch job the supposed expert from the rsn did as a demo

  4. Yes, it looks good. The cream mount makes sure there is plenty of air around it, and enables it to be the focus of attention.

  5. I would say Hobbes just looks irresistibly Rubenesque…

    • I have explained to Gareth that it’s Hobbes vocation to be fat, but Gareth is a health nut and cannot understand this aspiration- that and he’s terrified of the vets annual, ” dr Davies your cat is obese” lecture. Although I must admit I had trouble not wetting myself laughing last time as the vet tried to explain the genetics of feline obesity to a man with a Cambridge PhDs in genetics. Gareth was far too polite to correct his mistakes

  6. Wot pain? He’s pwetty!!!!
    Can you throw me an email? I have a question but your email addy seems to have gone missing from my address book.

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