Birthday skirt

I may not be the best modern dressmaker in the world, but on the other hand I have a lot of fun with what I wear.


The shirt isn’t for me, it’s for Gareth, I just put it on the dummy cos she looked a bit nekkid with just the skirt.

The skirt is for me. I would make skirts for Gareth, he has very nice legs, but he says not today, thank you. I was using up the scraps from the cream and white shirt I made Gareth last month. Somehow, possibly due to the fact that I tend to jump into these things without the benefit of using a pattern, I made too few panels and had to go out and get more fabric, which sort of screwed up my idea of the stash busting skirt, but never mind.

Due to the addition of several extra panels it came out foofier than I originally intended, but I like it. Gareth says I look good in a foofy skirt, but then in the same breath complains that when he has to wash them they take forever to dry. The man is impossible to please.

I fancy another, but in rainbow colours cos this one is suspiciously tasteful. It will have to wait until I’ve made a few things for other people though (I got four fabrics with blue roses last week to make a mixed up shirt for Gareth) but these things will make more leftovers so hopefully I won’t have to go out and buy more fabric next time.

Btw, see that gorgeous conservatory in the background? Gareth made that from wood and stuff. He’s going to tile the floor before christmas

~ by opusanglicanum on June 11, 2014.

15 Responses to “Birthday skirt”

  1. I love the fabric of both the skirt and shirt and the conservatory is lovely – especially like the pitcher plants in the corner. They look scarily healthy!

  2. I love it!

  3. That’s a lovely skirt – I could quite see myself in that one. I shall have to start making skirts for myself if only to get sensible ones with real pockets.

    • Pockets never bother me, although I can see how the lack of them would irksome if you wanted them. I think they don’t out them in shop clothes anymore to save money

  4. You do have fun with your clothes, don’t you!
    And Gareth seems rather useful to have around – washing clothes and building conservatories!

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