New courses.

All of these will be at the ashmolean museum, oxford. Bookings are not yet on the ashmolean events system ( I will update when they are) but you can contact Jude Barrett, the person in charge, to book, on

17th ( or it could be 16th, I might have got the two muddled, check with Jude) August, 19th September, and 22nd November. Three day opus Anglicanum course. 1st day focuses on design and drapery, second on faces, third on finishing, backgrounds and goldwork.

16th( or could be 17th, see above for muddlings) August one day workshop on medieval appliqué, focusing in particular on gilded leather appliqués like the Tristram hanging. The aim being to complete a small article of usefulness like an ipad cover or small cushion.

3rd October, freehand blackwork ( or red,) workshop. The aim being to make a Christmas decoration, so as well as embroidery this one will encompass some simple passementarie depending on progress.

These are in association with the exhibition of the feller collection, which looks exciting in it’s own right.

Also, I have finally put stuff for sale in my folksy shop

~ by opusanglicanum on June 13, 2014.

14 Responses to “New courses.”

  1. Hi lovely lady – costs please for the courses? Paulette Dudley

    • Ooh, now I’m not actually sure cos that bit isn’t up to me, you’d have to mail Jude, but I think the three day is slightly discounted on the one day price, which will be whatever you paid last time.

  2. I tried to email Jude but it didn’t like the email address, are you sure it is correct?

  3. Hmm… when I emailed Jude last week, she said no bookings until 23rd June.

    • She told me 20 th, but if you registered interest she ought to mail you back when she can take bookings. They have wierd internal systems for these things so it’s probably out of her hands, I wanted this up today because subscribers get magazine today that plugs it, so even if we can’t take bookings I want people to be able to mail Jude to register interest

  4. The email address with .uk on the end works now, thanks. I cannot make the first date (17 August) but would still like to do the other two dates – would that be acceptable or do I need to do the first before progressing to the second and third?

  5. I’m ok with people just doing two. Perhaps best if you could come in at nine though, so we can get you up to speed before we officially start at ten. That or we can sort something out between us over the net

  6. Booking for the Ashmolean is now open 🙂

    I have booked my place 😀

    As I mentioned before, I cannot attend the first day. I could possibly come in for the first hour to hear the intro but even that may be stretching myself too thin that day. If not I will come in early on the second day.

    Looking forward to meeting you and to the class.

    • I’m looking forward to it too.

      the first day is going to be draperies and designs, the idea being to complete either a full length or partial figure over the course. I’ve been giving it some thought and the easiest thing night be for you to work on just a head and maybe some shoulders, that way you’ll have less catching up to do.

      I normally let people pick thier own designs, but wondered if, under the circumstances, you would like me to pick out something suitable and prep it for you so you’re ready to start on the second morning? (I can always email you a couple of alternatives and prep the one you prefer)

      • That sounds like a good idea. I would like to come in the morning to listen to the course introduction. If I am able to come I could pick up my piece and any course notes then and try to do some work before the second class. Could you email me a couple of alternatives when you have them available and we’ll take it from there. Thanks for being so accomodating.

      • I’ll have a think and get back to you closer to the time, prob about the start of august

        would you prefer a male or female?

      • Probably female but I am happy for you to suggest what you think is interesting and offers the best learning opportunity.

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