Birthday boy

Today is the fifth birthday of our official blogkat, Branston. Here he is taking his duties as little helper very seriously by testing out my new dyepot
potty cat

If he stays there much longer I shall have no option but to dye him a festive shade of pink.

Actaully I once had a white cat called mowsie, and wondered how she’d dyed herself pink. Turned out she’d spilled a bottle of ribena and rolled in it.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 19, 2014.

8 Responses to “Birthday boy”

  1. Happy Birthday, Branston!!

  2. Branston Pickle adds something special to any sandwich* and Branston Anglicanum adds something special to any blog post. Many happy returns, and many future blog posts to his fluffyness.
    (*it is possibly a little too special for a jam or banana sandwich, come to think of it.)

    • Branston is actaully named in honour of the much missed princess pickle, who was also grey.

      he is very pleased with his own fluffiness and says thankyou

      my ex once rather foolishly upset me just before I made his sandwiches for work the next day, and ended up with a ham, jam, caper and and anchovy sandwich for his trouble. he brought a really big bunch of flowers home the next evening…

  3. He is a fine-looking fellow, but I expect he’d be very grumpy if you dyed him pink!

    • he’s grumpy anyway. he walloped me round the back of the legs this morning just for trying to leave the house. I’m basically in an abusive relationship with my cat

  4. Love the picture of your cat! Funny how they like to sit in cat or almost-cat-sized things. Maybe the critters like being creative. There are those elephants who like to paint.

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