More Lutrell marginalia – Little baby leaf-tailed dragon.

Little baby leaf-tailed dragon is genuinely surprised to realise that he has actual leaves on his tail. He hadn’t realised the name was literal.


Can’t wait to see the look on his little face when he works out those wings aren’t just for decoration.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 20, 2014.

18 Responses to “More Lutrell marginalia – Little baby leaf-tailed dragon.”

  1. That’s a seriously cute little dragon – want one! ;o)

    • I was thinking about doing him as a tutorial for something.

      He will eventually be framed up for sale, I really quite desperately want to get on with a big ( about five foot by three ) Lutrell sampler, but what with course prep and writing I’m having to tide myself over with the odd single one for now. I keep telling myself September…

  2. Leaf-Tailed little dragon is adorable! He’s so colorful and happy looking.

  3. He’s so adorable!!

  4. He is a real poppet – but as you say, just wait until he grows up!

  5. Hid doesn’t look like his name is Literal. I think he looks like a Foley, or perhaps just Leafy. I agree, he’d be a lovely design for teaching a group or for a kit: everyone would want to take him home.

  6. He’s really sweet! But as you said, they grow…

  7. Lol

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