Medieval muppets

I went to tatton for the day on Saturday, and rather than carry something large with me I set up a small frame with a very small piece. He’s only about four inches across so I was thinking he could be done in a day ( sometimes a quick finish is good for your mental health). Obviously I spent the entire day talking instead of sewing, so I didn’t finish him Saturday, but the allure of the quick finish had me sit down with him on Sunday morning.


He looks like he was designed by Jim Henson to me. His cartoonish quality is something I found quite appealing so I wanted to do his face as an outline rather than colouring it in. Obviously Gareth laughed at me for saying I wanted to use negative space – it’s like he thinks I’m not a proper artist or summat.

~ wanders off humming the theme tune to “Fraggle Rock”~

~ by opusanglicanum on June 24, 2014.

7 Responses to “Medieval muppets”

  1. Hmm, he’s an interesting chap, but he seems more Edward Lear than Jim Henson to me. Therefore
    A young man who played the twin horn,
    At Tatton was due to be born.
    But his mum stopped to chat
    Through her labour, so that
    He popped out on the following morn.

  2. Maybe Jim Henson had a secret yen for the Medieval?

  3. […] done a stand alone version of the little medeival muppet once before, when I needed something to work on at an event, and I’ve worked him into a […]

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