Classic medieval jokes/ needlesketch


It’s hilarious if you’re a medieval person, that is.

Go on, admit it, you laughed so hard you wet your knickers just a little bit, didn’t you?

He kind of looks like the Marvin the paranoid android of medieval humour to me, as if he’s thinking “evolution, don’t talk to me about evolution. I’ve got this terrible pain in all the legs down my left side, no one asked me if I wanted legs. Just give me ten minutes alone in a dark alley with that Darwin bloke…”

He’s based on a marginal illustration from a c13th English bible.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 29, 2014.

19 Responses to “Classic medieval jokes/ needlesketch”

  1. something to do with things being a fish when it comes to fish days? You know how rabbits are fish and beavers are fish and …. are those chicken feet?

  2. A glum sole, isn’t he? Those legs must be handy for getting from plaice to plaice.

  3. I can just hear him saying it! A wet weekend if ever there was one!

  4. Your work ALWAYS makes me smile! Thank you!!

  5. That he came from a 13th century Bible makes it all the funnier!

  6. Hello! Great website. I was checking out some medieval websites while doing research and found yours. I LOVE textiles and have spent most of my life sewing, knitting, crocheting and doing needlework–all modern, sadly. I love your site and your projects. I live in the US and visited the UK in 2000 when my husband was sent there for work purposes by his company. We fell in love with the countryside, the architecture, the food, the people–everything. It felt like home. I’ll follow your blog and look forward to each post.

  7. Obviously, he’s a Kelmarsh fish. It was too wet, even for him…

    (I have booked a spot on your 3 day opus anglicanum course. Yay!)

  8. I think he either thinks “who needs legs anyway” or “if you give me legs, then please don’t forget usable arms as well”. But I like him in his bad mood.

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