the politician beast

Introducing Mr Tumnus’ flatulent cousin, the politician beast.

So named because politicians are the only creatures, either in worlds real or imaginary, capable of blowing hot air out of both ends at once.

He’s one of the creatures I wanted to do the most, and will certainly make another appearance when I do my large lutrell sampler. I’m please with how he turned out, esp the front face – of course gareth said he looks like Mr Punch, until I showed him the original, after which he had to admit I’d caught the likeness rather well.

We had been debating whether one end was Cameron and the other Clegg, and if so which is which, but in the end decided he depicts the duality typical of politicians and is in fact a single entity.

ON an slightly related subject, would anyone like a little baby leaf tailed dragon kit? I’d supply stitch guide, fabric marked out, diagrams of where split stitches need to go and veg dyed wools (I’d also vary each kit’s colours slightly so no two dragons would be the same, so you could request a red or green dragon). I could do any of the other lutrells as well, of course, but several people seemed keen on baby.

Sorting out a new kit would be good practice for me, and I’ve got time over the next few weeks, so speak up.

Is anyone else having a problem posting in wp? every now and then the new post page just goes blank and I can’t get it back – I just had to pick this post out of saved drafts becuase wp decided to give me a grey screen. it’s not the first time it’s happened either

~ by opusanglicanum on June 30, 2014.

22 Responses to “the politician beast”

  1. The picture above says so much, doesn’t it? One finds this interesting creature in many places, making sweet music, not just in politics.

    You were not the only one having WordPress problems this morning – mine went over to what I suspect was either Turkish or Finnish for a while – most unsettling! I was very relieved when the normal Dashboard returned.

    By the way, I’ve now seen the excellent set of instructions you did for the handsome Griffin in New Stitches. I was very, very impressed.

    • I’ve met many of his sad little cousins in the reenactment world, alas

      am glad my instructions are ok, I was careful to record every detail, but there were some extra drawings that didn’t make the final cut

      My old phone used to switch to arabic, but I’ve never had the language problem with wp, it deos seem prone to glitching now and then

  2. You have kits of the baby dragon? Cool! How much?
    Love to “politician beast” btw. So timely!

  3. I’d love a kit of that little dragon – he’s adorable! WordPress has been behaving for me (she whispers, crossing fingers and touching wood…).

    • I’m doing them to order, all with slightly different colours so no two will be alike, so if you have a preference let me know. You’re in the uk, aren’t you? They’re £30 plus post and I can have them ready to post out friday, so let me know and I’ll mail you a paypal invoice

      • That sounds fine to me. Yes, I’m in the UK and my email address is at the bottom of the right hand sidebar on my blog (to avoid attracting spam spiders…).

      • its on the sidebar in my comments section. I was looking at your seaglass work and wondering if you might like a bluey green dragon, that would be a pretty colourway? or purple, I have some lovely purples. (and I get very excited about colours) I get confused becasue everyone wears masks on the net, but you came to a class, didn’t you?

        I’ll send invoices thursday, no point taking your money until I’m ready to send stuff

      • Bluey green would be fabulous and no, I’m afraid I haven’t been to any of your classes.

      • bluey green it is, I think it will look lovely. I’m working tomorrow, so I’ll make them thursday and send invoices out when they’ree ready – no point taking peoples money until I can send stuff

        sometimes the internet is very confusing

      • Kits are ready and paypal invoices have been sent, so yell if you don’t get one

  4. I’d like a kit.

  5. Definitely your best one yet! Although since I became a veggie, I can identify with the ‘trouble at both ends’ problem…

  6. *Waves arm* Me! Me! I wants a dragon kit!

  7. Just goes to show that human nature doesn’t change – nor the ways that cartoonists (for want of a better term!) show them!

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