needlesketch/hilarious medeival joke no2

rabbit hunting.

geddit – rabbit. Hunting

rabbit hunting

I’m not sure I like his stripes. I know rabbits aren’t striped, but the original marginal illustration showed a striped rabbit. I’m presuming he had stripes because he’s hunting and striped animals are assumed to be predatory (when zebras were first described to europeans they were assumed to be carniverous because of thier stripes), but I’m just not so sure…also not sure if maybe the doggy needs more light brown round his paws?

~ by opusanglicanum on July 1, 2014.

8 Responses to “needlesketch/hilarious medeival joke no2”

  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind my 2c worth, I love your work.
    After looking at the original I think the problem with your stripes is this…
    The stripes on the original rabbit are made up of bars of lines that run vertically. I mean they follow the natural line of a rabbits fur growth. Your stitches run horizontally. Maybe if you made the stitches run the other way they would look more like the original?
    I think the paws are fine…. unless you want them muddy… 🙂
    Thanks for reminding me of the Breviary its hilarious

    • they sort of run both ways in the original I’ve got, up ad across at the same time, but yes you’re right, the stripes are a bit too geometrical.

      muddy paws might be good though? (they certainly are according to dogs way of thinking, muddy anything seems to be a dogs favourite thing)

  2. The striping may have been the illuminator’s way of indicating fur, or hair…or is that (dare I say it? ) (say it! SAY it!) hare.

  3. I like his snail for a hunting hawk – I reckon he won’t be eating fast food.

  4. I rather like the gauntlet on the hand with the hunting snail!

    • it cute. There seems to be a whole sub genre of medieval visual humour devoted to snails, people riding them, jousting agaist them etc. It would seem that medeival scribes found snails pants-wettingly hilarious

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