New cards


I like this set far better than the last, I think the bigger images work better, and the photo quality is superior.

If anyone would like a set speak up, five quid for three plus postage, same as last time – although post will be free if you’re having a baby dragon as well.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 2, 2014.

15 Responses to “New cards”

  1. Yes please – add to my ‘basket’ I will have two sets please – particularly useful as I will have two of the kits to do, so will enjoy looking at what I should be achieving!

    Best wishes Paulette

  2. They do look good!

  3. I’d like a set please. Do you have any of the first set available? I’d like to have them framed and hung in my office. I’ll use them for inspiration, along with the medieval music I listen to when I’m writing.

  4. Yes, one of each would be great. Thank you. I’m assuming that Paypal makes international ordering easy. I’ve had an account for a long time, but I’ve never used it to go across the pond. Oh, would it be too much to ask if you’d put your signature on them–like artwork they are? If you have any trouble getting me by email, just leave me a note at my blog. I’m excited to receive something you made. They’ll look lovely in my office.

    • Yes, pay pals easiest, and it gives me your address as well once you pay. I’m sorting out baby dragon kits for other people at the moment so I’ll sit down do a load of paypal invoices in a couple of hours. Am flattered that you want them signing, but front, back or inside?

  5. Oh, yes. Those are gorgeous. The colours are so bright and the printing is really crisp.

    I’ll have some if you have any left by the time I come to the embroidery course.

  6. Year! I Would love a baby dragon! I am in Wales, near Chepstow most of july. Are you Going for any event near There? I Would love to meet you!

    • Normally I get to Tewkesbury but I can’t make it this year, too much other stuff going on all at once and it’s a long way. I’m planning on going to kelmarsh festival go history on the Saturday of the week after, it’s not Wales but it’s closer?

      Baby dragon can be posted to Wales no problem though – are you on holiday? I was under the impression you lived in Scandinavia somewhere?

      Maybe I should do a red baby dragon in honour of your holiday?

      Want me to send you a paypal invoice?

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