I went for the nice oak frames with simple cream mounts again
I was a bit lazy and didn’t bother remounting griffin, so he is the only one not monogrammed, but I did sign the back.

Baby is very flattered that so many of you wanted to give home to his little baby siblings


And the cows arse bishop is feeling smug because he already has a new home. Of course he always feels smug anyway because he has god on his side…


And the politician beast feels smug because his frame is bigger than anyone else’s. He needs a bigger frame to accommodate his enormous ego.


And I took a better picture of the little face mounted up. I’m pleased with how he came out on the velvet

image And then there’s this trio of misfits. Poor bunny had to do without a mount because some idiot ordered the wrong sized frame.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 5, 2014.

8 Responses to “Framed”

  1. I spent much of yesterday evening and this morning mounting stuff. Not my favourite job but It makes such a difference to how things look, doesn’t it? These are great. Bunny works well without a mount. I want to move the fish a fraction to the right, so he has a little more breathing space to ‘walk into’, but I realise that may not have been possible. The rest are grand. And who could not love that little dragon?

    • Yes, I would have liked him a smidge the other way too, but I ran out of background.

      Want reduces me to screaming is the way you carefully clean the glass, removing the specks, then when you put the picture in new specks appear from nowhere, again and again and again. It’s too much like housework, I’m not genetically optimised for housework

      • I so agree about specks inside frames. Fortunately the stuff I put in shows is only mounted, not framed, so the dust specks (and the expense) are someone else’s problem. Life’s too short for housework – I’m not genetically optimised for it, either. Wrong-shape knees or something!

      • Knees, that must be it!

  2. I think Bunny looks good, even without a mount, although I agree that often a mount makes a great difference.

  3. Looks like a good day’s work! Those oak frames are lovely and really set off the embroidery. Baby dragon’s little brother Topaz arrived this morning with a bit of a five point landing on the front door mat. I’m delighted with him – thank you!!

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