Sorry I haven’t got a picture for you. I meant to take one of my stand at the imc yesterday, which looked fab, but forgot about it until I was all but packed away.

I’ve been thinking for a while of doing a stitch along here. I was thinking week one, stitch lesson and the first ( small) picture. Week two, second picture. Week three, braids and tassels, and week four, putting them together to make a medieval purse.

It would be free to participate ( so you could use whatever you wanted/had lying around)and I will figure out how to make a PDF to make the pattern easily accessible, but I would also offer a kit with fabric marked with the design, a lining, and veg dyed wools for sewing and decorations.


Would anyone like to play?

Would anyone want the kit?

What interval between posts- a week, two weeks, or monthly? ( bear in mind the projects will be small and easily achievable)

When would be a good time to start- I was thinking maybe September because people get so busy over summer

~ by opusanglicanum on July 11, 2014.

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  1. Sounds really interesting – so could we do it with materials of our own (thinking stash busting here!)? I’d prefer a month between posts because of how stupidly busy my job is.

    • See that would be interesting from my point of view too, because although I’m quite deeply embedded in the historical thing I find the possibility of using historical techniques with alternate materials fascinating.

  2. I like this idea very much. I am not sure about the kit, but I guess, maybe I’d like to get it too. I’ll be away for nearly year, so I’ll b without all my stash. And I do not know, what I’ll find in new place.

  3. I’m interested, and I could do the kit or work with my own stash. I get more work done with deadlines, too!

    • I’ll prep the kit two weeks before starting, I think, so people can have it in time. If we aim to start September I might even be able to offer an optional veg dyed background cloth to work on

  4. That does sound interesting. I’ve never done a synchronised stitching project. (I would adapt the design to other materials, being a non-wool person, but that’s not going to be a problem for me.) As Underatopazsky said, I think weekly would be far too fast for me, and monthly sounds better. Although, as long as the posts were still accessible on the website, a stitch-along-eventually would be perfectly feasible for us slowcoaches.

    • I’m only thinking of the pics being about six inches square, so an achievable size. But monthly or fortnightly sounds reasonable because I tend to forget that others don’t work at my speed

  5. I’d like to play! This is a wonderful idea. Weekly instalments would be good but presumably you’d retain the projects in your archives so if anyone couldn’t keep up they’d always find them there. Looking forward to the first one already!

  6. It sounds interesting, certainly. If I were to get to it, I would be inclined to try to use up stash, partly because it’s time I did, and partly because I think it would be interesting to see how differently it might turn out!

    • It looks like a goer, to be sure. I think well say September, which will give me time to work through the details and get a kit ready for those who want one, and it will be interesting to see all the alternatives. I’m definitely thinking some sort of dragon for on of the designs, and maybe something more domestic for the other side.

      Ooh, I know, I bought a facsimile bestiary the other day, and it said that panthers were tame creatures whose only known enemy was the dragon! A bestiary purse!

  7. I have been looking for a project to do, and this sounds interesting. I would love to participate.

  8. I’d love to play, too – and I’m another with stash to use up. Life will get busy for me in the autumn, so I’d prefer longer gaps between lessons.

  9. Good morning!

    I am interested in the kit! It’s been ages since I’ve done embroidery, so I don’t have a great deal of materials. I think the kit would be a wonderful starting point. What do I need to do to receive one?

    Thanks so much! This is an awesome resource, and I look forward to diving deeper into it. Have a fantastic day!


    • Hi heather, I’m aiming for 1 st of sept and thinking I’ll make the kit available mid august so you can have everything in time to begin. This was just my thinking aloud post, so I need to plan properly now. In the mean time I have kits for a baby dragon and a griffin on my folksy site if you want something to play with over summer , just click the link in the sidebar

  10. It sounds like fun and having a kit would be great!

  11. Yes please, September and 2 weekly sound good, will you give a list of materials or will we order a kit?

  12. I would love to be a part of this. Could you give me a shipping price since I’m on the other side of the pond? [SW Idaho, USA]

    • I’ll have to do some research. This post was really just me seeing if anyone was interested, I’ll make sure to sort the kits etc mid august so people can have them in time to start early September, so check back

  13. I really love the idea! September would be perfect start time.

  14. I’m in too. I was interested in it since I read your post but when you said “dragon on one side” you got me. I love dragons (and embroidery).
    Having a list of what’s needed online mid-August would be great, so that I can see if I have everything neccessary in my stash (or can substitute).

    Oh, and I’m for at least bi-weekly intervals, six inches square isn’t that small (for my speed).

  15. I’d be interested and September would be a good time for me, too.

  16. Yes, great idea, I’d love to play along!
    Will do weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever the majority prefer, with my own stash (which is also over spilling).
    Thoroughly enjoyed your little faces tutorial, thank you.
    Ps – The Mulberry Dyer’s supplier of Filament silk is unreliable at the moment. Where else can I buy flat filament silk in the meanwhile, until normal service is resumed please? I find the Deveres site confusing… Is any of it flat??! Many thanks, Lizzy

    • Yes, I’d love to use Debbie’s filament for the ashmolean course on opus Anglicanum, but she just doesn’t have enough left to make a decent colour choice for students. Unfortunately she can only get that thread again if she opts to buy ten tonnes, so it’s not going to happen – make the most of it while you can!

      The very finest deveres is flat, or try e tram silk from the handweavers studio in London, it’s a little coarser ( I’d use one strand for two of deveres) and you have to buy 10 g minimum, but it’s better value

    • Btw, both deveres and handweavers flat silks are a very different texture to Debbie’s, shinier and I don’t think as nice. That little bit of fluffiness to the stuff Debbie had somehow made it lie nicer. But, it’s all there is at the moment

      • Thanks for that, very helpful as I’ve almost been tearing my hair out over the subject! So sad about Debbie’s filament silk 😦
        Perhaps we should all club together and help pay for the zillion ton minimum?!
        I’ll try out Devere’s to see what is like.
        “Au Ver A Soie” do a flat filament silk (Soie Ovale) but cannot find a retailer of it online apart from America. Seems a bit nuts to ship it from France to the USA and then back to England…!

      • It might be worth asking her to do some sort of kick starter, now you mention it. Trouble is she’s not very tech savvy

      • Obviously neither am I! What is a kick starter? 🙂

      • It’s an internet crow funding thing. I don’t know a great deal about it but martins jerked meats has been very successful with it. I think he asks people to contribute a certain amount for materials and them once he gets them each contributor gets a set amount of goods as repayment

      • I might suggest the crowd funding thing, thanks.
        I am about to tackle the gold halo to finish off the chap in your little faces tutorial, and am looking and the Benson & Johnson thread at Toye & Co.
        HELP!!! Which gold thread do i order for couching please.???!!!!!
        Thanks again.

      • number 2, 2% gold passing. the website is a nightmare though, ring up and ask to speak to niel halford

        crowd funding might work, but I suspect the main problem might not be financial but storage. ten tonnes is basically a shipping container

      • Thanks for the gold thread info. 🙂
        OMG – a shipping container….?!! Hmmmm, maybe not!

      • I spoke to Neil. They don’t make a no 2, unless it was a special order. They once made a no 3 as a special order. It usually starts with no 4. Neil suggested that one way to tell what no. you used is (if you have any left over from Mr lovely Little Face) is to un twist the core and count how many threads are there. 2 threads = no. 2, 3 = no 3 etc . Is this possible at all? If not I’ll just try no 4.
        Really enjoying your tutorial and am making 3 little faces, to experiment with the materials i do have here already.
        Thank you SO MUCH for all your advice!!!

      • well what the heck have I got then?! I could have sworn it was two. Ill have to mail him tomorrow now…

      • Lol. Sorry!!

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    Yes, great idea, I’d love to play along!
    Will do weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever the majority prefer, with my own stash (which is also over spilling).
    Thoroughly enjoyed your little faces tutorial, thank you.
    Ps – The Mulberry Dyer’s supplier of Filament silk is unreliable at the moment. Where else can I buy flat filament silk in the meanwhile, until normal service is resumed please? I find the Deveres site confusing… Is any of it flat??! Many thanks, Lizzy

  18. Ps – are there any spaces left on your Opus Anglicanum course at the Ashmolean?

  19. Pps – both accounts (sublime stitch and bornandbredindevon ) are me, Lizzy, as I keep getting confused by WordPress & can’t find out how to delete the old blog. Sorry!

  20. I would like to play also.

  21. Oh, I would love to play along, both ways at once,might be interesting too. Will be watching!

  22. I would like to play – weekly or bi-weekly? I don’t need a kit, just guidelines, thank you 🙂

  23. I’d really like to try this. Do you think this is something a newbie could do? If yes, I’d also like to purchase the kit.

  24. Yes and yes! The design idea sounds great as does the timing.

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