petrus christus gown

Ok, so I give in. Gareth and I are never going to get round to taking another picture of the Petrus Christus dress, and it’s been in the local press already sooo…

(the reason I put it off was that although gareth loved the photo, we had to drive to the church and the front of the dress is slightly twisted)


for those of you new round here, this was a major project last year, based mainly on a Petrus Christus painting.
There was the headress

the gown belt

the necklace

and a placket

there’s also a gorgeous silk kirtle, but I can’t find the post about that

~ by opusanglicanum on July 16, 2014.

27 Responses to “petrus christus gown”

  1. It looks amazing. I could never tackle something so tricky and make it look right. Brilliant.

  2. WOW! That is an amazing amount of work very well done! Thanks for posting. I’ve been trying to find silk velvet everywhere, but to no avail. Have never seen it in real life myself, but a friend told me it is wonderful stuff :-). Love the attention to detail here, and the fur trim is yummy too.

    • I’d been looking for twenty years before I found this lot. You have to be really careful, because a lot of what’s sold as silk velvet is actually a silk ground with viscose pile (for devore) so the bit you see is not actually silk – you tell it at a glance because it looks so cheap and drapes oddly. This stuff is cotton ground with silk pile and its even scrummier in real life (I’m particularly enamoured of the brown) You’d Normally look to pay about £200-300 per metre, but at the moment quartermasterie has this in for £45 pm, or if you wanted a smaller piece for embroidery I’ve got some fat quarter type bits in red brown and purple for £12 – £15. I thik quartermasterie has red brown and purple, I can get you thier number if you like, or they might be trading at kelmarsh this weekend

  3. Stunning! So glad you posted this! I’ve been following the progress, and LOVE this picture! Congratulations on this fabulous ensemble.

  4. The most appropriate comment is probably simply Wow!

  5. That’s an amazing and fascinating amount of work and research. The metal working elements really intrigue me, especially the belt ends. Are they cast?

  6. Brilliant work! When I read your post on Feedly I can see the additional picture that Gareth found in the Yorkshire Post but I can’t see it when I read your post in WordPress. Just thought you might like to know.

  7. It looks fabulous – well done!

  8. Looking at this again.. still WOW!
    Yes, the Quartermasterie number would be very useful, thank you.
    And how can I go about buying a fat quarter of silk velvet from you, one in purple, one in red?

  9. I would like the scarlett red piece for £9 please.
    The dark red of your dress looks dark but with a pinkish in hue here, is it just my monitor?
    P.S. – admiration moment.. I just get over how talented you are, the quality of your work, the attention to detail, and what a fabulous resource this website is. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and sources. Much appreciated by a newbie like me 🙂

  10. Hate auto correct. grrr.
    Super, thank you. I thought i’d start with the scarlet red and see how i get on, before ordering anything else. will pay invoice now….

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