I got a presie!

Many weeks ago, Anna over at the speculating rook Sent out an appeal for wool blankets upon which she could do machine embroidery. I must admit that it took me weeks to get round to sending the two I had spare, but once I sent them Anna was very quick.


Aren’t they gorgeous. Ring tailed lemurs and goats are my favourite beasties after cats. A few years ago Gareth adopted a ring tailed lemur for me at Chester zoo, and this little chap reminds me of the lemurs who hadn’t quite woken up yet ( the ones at Chester appeared to be solar powered and weren’t interested in anything until they’d done a bit of sunbathing) I love how his tail and bottom loop round the back of the cushion.

And the goat is just wonderfully impertinent. Impertinence is one of the main reasons I love goats ( note to self, hurry up and win the lottery so I can have a house with a big enough garden for naughty goats.

Branston was unimpressed by the cushions cos they didn’t have kitties on, and he insists that kitties are the only animals with any artistic merit. But he did have a very nice time with the brown paper wrapping…image

All of my sewing this weekend has been a bit hush hush still. Although I did go to york yesterday and have a nice day doing some living history with conquest ( forgot to take pictures as per usual) and made some progress on the unicorn for Noah’s ark- I shan’t bore you with pics as it was only filling in endless background.

I did make these though. I was dying to try out he silicone plant pots/cake cases I bought at Lakeland last weekend ( their head office is about two minutes walk from where Gareth’s sister Caz has her guesthouse. Chocolate brownies with salted caramel for the soil/ cake, and white chocolate ganache dyed green for the leaves. Sugar flowers courtesy of sainsburys cos I’m not clever at icing…


~ by opusanglicanum on August 3, 2014.

6 Responses to “I got a presie!”

  1. It’s all about the wrapping!

  2. Gorgeous and that includes the cup cakes. The goat is fanastic.

  3. They’re gorgeous – almost like pastel sketches, too, which is a real surprise given they are machine stitched!
    Lakeland do provide a wonderful range of kitchen things to play with, don’t they!

    • They do have a lovely sketch like quality.

      I rarely buy anything in Lakeland because they’re so expensive ( when I was a teenager you mail ordered from Lakeland because they’ll were so cheap for bulk buying, but since they got shops they’ve gone a bit hyacinth bucket) but I couldn’t resist the plant pots

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