Much excited squealing

Was heard in these parts earlier today, because my spoonflower order arrived.image

A whole lot of doctor who fabric. Ok, so it’s sold in flagrant breach of copyright, of that I’m sure, but before auntybeeb complains I’d like to point out that the one and only licensed who print is absolutely crap.

Gareth is delighted with the calvin and Hobbes tardis print, which is for his shirt only, and we both love the vitruvian dalek. I love the who damask for it’s clever design, and the tardis panelling for it’s subtlety.

I took the chance to order whilst the pound was strong against the dollar because spoonflower is pretty pricey, but for something special it’s definitely worth it. A word of warning to anyone considering it though- they sell in yards rather than the metres were used to in the uk, and the cloth is relatively narrow. Even so I might have overcompensated by ordering 16 yards for 4 shirts, but I’m planning on seeing what I can make for myself with the leftovers. It seemed better to get more than I needed because I wasn’t sure how my patterns would fit the narrow width, and international shipping is pretty hefty.

Later this week I’m going to play with the delft clay casting set that’s lain in my workshop untouched for years- melting scrap silver into question mark custom buttons for custom shirts sounds like an excellent first project!

~ by opusanglicanum on August 18, 2014.

14 Responses to “Much excited squealing”

  1. I love the idea of a Vitruvian Dalek, I must admit. I’m sure you’ll have great fun with the extra yardage…

    • It will probably be a pieced skirt as I’m not one for patterned shirts, but yes, fun…

      Worst part is I have actual worky work to do the next few weeks so I can’t play yet

  2. I was on holiday in a Devon cottage where, lo and behold, the wardrobe in the bedroom was built and painted to resemble a tardis…. it even had a swich to trip the flashing blue light and sound effects. If ever a garment had an ideal place to live it’s your shirt in this wardrobe!

  3. Those fabrics are so great! I would love to make some Hawaiian style shirts for my husband with these! He’s got over 40 Hawaiian shirts that I’ve made for him and some he’s worn out. He can always use more 🙂 Thank you for sharing! (Such excitement!)

    • Gareth like shirt shirts, our weathers a bit chilly for Hawaiian ones, which is unfortunate because I always find cuffs are the hardest part- short sleeved is a doddle by comparison

  4. That fabric is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the finished products 🙂

  5. My 30yr old son will be so jealous when I show him all this Dr. Who fabric……

  6. I have two girls who are very envious and looking at me rather like a dog looks hopefully at the holder of a beefburger… I love the idea of casting the question mark shaped buttons – delft clay is such fun to work with.

    • You will now be the worlds worst mother if they don’t get doctor who dresses for Christmas.

      I was thinking more of round buttons with question marks embossed- men don’t like fiddly buttons, and two of the ones I’m making shirts for have arthritis ( my stepdad is in his late 70s)

  7. Gareth is a very lucky man

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