Cushion complete

I was going to lay this aside because I had more important things to do, but then I wasn’t feeling well and anything that involved thinking just wasn’t going to happen – so the cushion got finished.


I was going to do corner tassels, but then realised I’m still a bit too brain dead for tassels.

I’m quite pleased with it, even though the central shield is a little skewiff. If I did another I think I’d sew the shield on last- you live and learn.

When my brain is working again, probably Wednesday, I’ll post the materials list and kit options for the stitchalong.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 23, 2014.

15 Responses to “Cushion complete”

  1. It looks lovely! Of course if the shield irritates you too much, you could re-stitch it – the advantage of appliqué compared to embroidery.

    Where did you get gilded leather from, btw? One of my “sometime in the future”-projects is an applique cushion, ideally with gilded leather, but I’ve not been able to find any.

    • You can buy small pieces from embroidery suppliers, but they’re expensive and too small ( my local shop sells it at £1 per square inch). But some specialist leather suppliers sell gold leather by the hide- you just need to make sure it’s thin enough- often for around £70-100 per skin. I was lucky and got my last one fir a tenner cos it was overrun from a viv Westwood order. You used to be able to buy it by the square foot directly from toye and co

    • Btw, I have some left over bundles of cut cord for £5 for a bundle of 3 two to three foot long pieces

  2. We could just say that the skewiffness gives it a contemporary edge.

    • Nooooo! That would imply that contemporary embroidery is all as rubbish as the badly embroidered words in hoops on etsy. And it’s not. Ok a lot of it is badly embroidered swear words in hoops on etsy, but not all of It

      It probably makes it look more medieval, really

  3. It’s still less skewiff than some of the Bayeux Tapestry!

    • And equally as skewiff as some of the original. The organic bits don’t really show if they go skewiff, so obviously I got those bits spot on and only screwed up the bit that would show. That’s real talent that is!

  4. Beautiful! Well done!

  5. Lovely, and get well soon!

  6. Beautiful technique!! I love it!!

  7. This technique is on my list of pillows to do. Really awesome.

    • its relatively quick, you could probably do one over a week of evenings once youd cut it out.

      I think I’d get a bit bored doing 12 for a wallhanging like the original though

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