I have some pictures for you, but wordpress won’t upload and I’m too ill to argue with it. I’m waiting for a hospital appointment for a tooth extraction, and said tooth began to abscess Thursday. Oddly, pain doesn’t affect me when I’m working- I have some sort of performance switch in my head that allows me to ignore it, so I was ok Friday during the day, although I’m not entirely sure how I managed the drive home. Had to have a very traumatic dentist visit Saturday ( I’m extremely phobic due to my mums dentist deciding to let her nurse hold me down whilst she performed unneeded filling without anaesthetic when I was 14) and now am on lots of painkillers hoping the antibiotics kick in enough for me to work in the morning.

So, I will try to upload my latest zodiac pic again later. In the meantime, bleargh.

~ by opusanglicanum on September 21, 2014.

28 Responses to “Bleargh”

  1. hope you feel better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear about your tooth, I hope the pain killers and antibiotics are helping. I really enjoyed the course on Friday, thank you.

  3. Poor you, only consolation it will be over soon, even if you have to go through more trauma. Hope it all works out well, and find something lovely to do when you feel better. Lots of love x

    • The antibiotics are starting to work, am hoping I’ll be ok tomorrow. I think I feel grog giver today because I took a full sleeping pill last night ( normally a take a quarter if i really can’t sleep

  4. You have my sympathies. My childhood dentist ended in jail for abuse.

    I highly recommend valium before and during any procedure, along with Nitrous, noise canceling headphones and heavy metal music. Doesn’t drown out everything, but makes it a bit easier. Then home and to bed

    • Mine did a flit, probably to avoid the same fate.

      The private dentist said I was too phobic to cope with mere sedation and has referred me to the nhs for general anaesthetic

  5. Tanya I do hope you feel better soon, toothache is awful and the dentist scares me too. I had a school dentist who practised on the children, so I ended up with unnecessary fillings. The class on Friday was really good and I have spent some time today stitching the face and hands.

    • This is the second tooth I’m loosing because of a botched unnecessary filling – I refused to go back and she rang my mum saying I was going to loose all my teeth by the time I was twenty unless I had another dozen fillings, and thirty years later the only teeth giving me trouble are the ones she messed with! The dentists now seem much better, and far kinder, but it’s hard to get over the trauma. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the class

  6. Eeep. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. I hope the painkillers help you and that you can get rid of the toothpain soon and without any more problems.
    Your story makes me so much more grateful for the children’s dentist my daughter goes to.
    All dentists I have met are far kinder than the one that practiced on you in your youth.

  8. Ow. Tooth pain is awful. Hope you feel better soon, and you get to hug a lot of cats until you do. x

  9. Bless your heart. Rest and get well soon.

  10. Ouch! My sympathies – I had a dreadful dentist in childhood, too, and have had to fight hard to beat the phobia. Had a couple of back teeth out at the hospital with general anaesthesia two years ago, and they did a brilliant job – and free on NHS, which is always a plus! Good luck with coping until it’s sorted.

  11. Good grief! That’s a rotten dentist and there should have been action taken against that office! Yo don’t hold down a child because you are not going to use an y anaesthesia. Too many dentists get away with doing unnecessary work. That is malpractice! I’m so sorry that you are in pain and I hope that this time the proper work gets done in a proper manner and that you will be feeling well again soon. Best of luck!

    • the wierd part was my mum kept going to the same denisit for another 15 years, she siad that had always been her family dentist (I refused to go back as soon as I was 16, I wish I’d had the nerve to defy my mother earlier) until the dentist just disappeared. I think she did a flit because things were catching up with her

  12. Get well soon – Sharon

  13. I’m sorry to hear all this – but I was amazed last time I went to the dentist that it was almost pain-free. Dentistry has really moved on and the anaesthetics are fantastic.

  14. Thats it, I am going to the dentist, I have a tooth that was filled that has fallen apart, I remember what it was like before the root canal. I was like you, a functioning zombie at work and a sick drug addict at home.
    Get well dear, I like it when you are cheerful.

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